What Do Members of the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Major Television Stars, Doctors, Lawyers and Even Judges Have in Common?

They have all turned to The Mandel Law Firm for legal counsel.
You should too!

A Lawyer who will FIGHT for Your CHILDREN

There is nothing as emotional as a child custody case. Steven J. Mandel has been handling, and most importantly, winning , child custody cases -- from the simple to the complex, from the routine to the extraordinary, for more than 25 years. What makes Steve's practice unique is that he is not afraid to take the difficult cases.

  • It has always been less common for men to obtain custody of their children than for women. From the early 1980s, when he won sole custody of three young children for a Shoemaker in Brooklyn, to recent years, when he won custody for an Entertainment Mogul in Westchester, Steve has successfully fought for his clients' rights and goals, and for the best interests of their children. Steve is well known and respected in the courts and has never lost a child custody case.
  • Because of her age and the fact that she was unmarried, a 60 year old foster mother, who dedicated her life to caring for children with AIDS, was denied the opportunity to adopt 2 children so afflicted for whom she had been caring for a number of years. In a lawsuit against the City of New York's Child Welfare Administration, Steve succeeded in winning for this wonderful 'mother' the right to obtain legal custody, and ultimately adopt these children.
  • When it was brought to his attention that a 13 year old was being sexually abused by her father, Steve took the unusual step of filing a petition in Family Court to terminate child's father's parental rights and have her 19 year old sister declared her legal guardian, and de facto, parent. Steve was recently proud to dance with this 'child', now an adult, at her wedding.
  • In an important case involving 'parental choice', Steve successfully represented the family of a 5 year old leukemia patient whose father, when he disagreed with the doctors, 'kidnapped' his son from a major New York hospital, to take him to a different hospital in Houston. A judge incarcerated the child's mother, at Riker's Island, until her husband and son returned to New York. The Mandel Law Firm won for the parents not only the right to have their critically ill child treated at the facility of their choice, but also the legal ability to follow the treatment option recommended by the doctor of their choice. The rights to this story were purchased by CBS for a movie-of-the-week.

Steve is a parent himself, who is deeply devoted to his own children. He realizes that there is no greater reward, or responsibility, than being a parent. You can be assured that Steve will do everything possible to make sure that both your goals and your children's best interests are satisfied.

Fighting for the 'Little Guy'

Steve has proven time and again that he is not afraid to 'take on the big guns' on behalf of a client.

  • An elderly, rent controlled tenant lived in an apartment next door to a major New York City museum since 1953. After the museum purchased the building, they offered her money to move out, so that they could knock down the building and expand the museum. When she refused the offer, the museum turned off the gas, electric, heat and water to the apartment, virtually forcing her out of her home. On behalf of this client, The Mandel Law Firm filed a ten million dollar lawsuit against the museum for constructive eviction, harassment and punitive damages.
  • When a well-recognized, multi-million dollar national retail chain refused to pay a small import/export company the money to which it was entitled pursuant to a contract between them, this small company turned to The Mandel Law Firm, who subsequently won a substantial judgment for them, in the United States Federal Court.
  • Steven J. Mandel proudly defended an off duty New York State Corrections Officer who, while 'off-duty' and in the process of being mugged at knife point, shot and killed his assailant. Through Steve's hard work and dedication, all criminal charges against this Officer were dismissed.
  • When a major resort hotel attempted to breach its contract and not pay a tour operator the commission to which they were entitled, their only recourse was to hire The Mandel Law Firm, who successfully litigated a law suit on their behalf in the New York State Supreme Court.
  • When the national broadcast company of Mexico attempted to breach its contract with a New York television production company, the only place this New York company felt they could turn was to The Mandel Law Firm. Steve's perseverance in this complex, international litigation resulted in this client receiving all monies to which they were entitled.
  • When a prominent RAP artist died unexpectedly, his wife and children turned to The Mandel Law Firm to protect their rights and interests in connection with his soon to be posthumously released record album, as well as other lucrative business ventures. Steve fearlessly took on this artist's powerful record company, and prior manager, to ensure that this performer's family was the ultimate beneficiary of his talents, so that their financial future was secure.

When 'Mistakes' Happen . . .

  • A hospital patient who was seriously injured when an operating room light malfunctioned, causing a third degree burn to his leg, won a substantial jury verdict for himself and his wife at trial, under the representation of The Mandel Law Firm.
  • When two children were seriously injured as a result of lead paint poisoning, Steve made sure they received a substantial settlement, so that their future medical and educational needs would be met, and to compensate this family for their 'pain & suffering'.
  • When one of New York's major newspapers erroneously stated that a retail store was engaged in 'criminal activities' and placed a photograph of this store in its' 'Metro' section, this business hired The Mandel Law Firm to 'clear its name'.

Even the United States Congress Takes Notice of
The Mandel Law Firm's Cases

  • You may have seen Steve's compelling Supreme Court appearances and representation of clients on the CBS television show 48 Hours in a case involving a number of people who became seriously ill when they ate raspberries, imported from Guatemala, that were infested with a parasite. In addition to obtaining a substantial monetary award for his clients, Steve was instrumental in bringing a serious health problem to the attention of the United States Congress, who then enacted Federal laws with respect to imported fruits and vegetables, to ultimately protect the safety, and health, of us all.