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Child Support Archives

Legal consequences of Facebook posts by deadbeat parents

New York officials may want to follow the lead of Milwaukee County, Wis., in tapping into social media for child support enforcement information. When parents who fail to make appropriate child support payments post about their finances, savvy officials may be able to use this posted information to request child support modifications or push for more severe consequences for these delinquent parents.

Halle Berry to pay child support to ex-boyfriend

New York couples who have children and who are separating may want to keep some points in mind as they negotiate child custody and support after taking a look at the case of Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend. Berry and her ex have a 6-year-old child, and on May 30, a judge approved an order for her to pay $16,000 per month in child support. Berry is married now, and she and her husband also have an 8-month-old son. Berry will also have to pay $115,000 as a retroactive payment and $300,000 in legal costs. In 2012, she was prevented by a judge from moving her child to France when the father objected.

Use an app to track New York child support costs

An innovative new app has been developed to keep a list of expenses paid out in support of a child's lifestyle. The app works for anyone who has bills to pay related to a child. This includes both the parent ordered to pay monthly support and the parent who receives the support but has other incidental costs.

Funkmaster Flex fights paying more child support

In New York court papers, legendary hip-hop DJ Funkmaster Flex says that he does not believe that he should have to make bigger child support payments to cover expenses that he claims are not necessary. His ex-girlfriend is taking the DJ to court to attempt to increase the amount of child support.

Actor involved in child support dispute

The star of the television show 'Two and a Half Men" that is hugely popular with audiences in New York and around the country is finding out that art sometimes indeed imitates life. Actor Jon Cryer's ex-wife has filed a petition in a California court requesting a substantial increase in the child support payments he is currently making to their 13-year-old son. The couple divorced in 2004 after being married for five years.

Charlie Sheen seeks to stop child support to Brooke Mueller

New York residents can learn from recent headlines concerning Brooke Mueller's drug relapse and Charlie Sheen's subsequent petition to decrease his $55,000 a month child support payments for their 4-year-old twins. Sheen requested that the court reduce his monthly payments to zero, arguing that Mueller is currently in rehab and thus has no costs associated with the care and support of their children. In support of his request, Sheen referred to the case of his previous co-star, Jon Cryer, in 2009. Cryer was able to have his child support payments reduced from $10,000 to $8,000 a month after his ex-wife's custody role was reduced to monitored visitation following an arrest for alleged child abuse.

Child support enforcement taskforce nabs two parents

In unrelated cases, two former residents of New York were arraigned on the same day in the same court for 20 misdemeanor counts of criminal contempt. Adding to the strangeness of the day, both individuals were apprehended at homes in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The arrest took place in the context of a task force that has coordinated child support enforcement efforts of the Orange County Support Collection Unit and Orange County Sheriff's Office with the Inspector General's Office of Investigations at DHHS and New York's Department of Motor Vehicles.

Celebrity cases spotlight child support laws

A recent drug rehab stint by Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, has brought attention to the problematic nature of child support laws. The ex-wife of a major actor received over $50,000 per month in alimony for her twins before his other ex-wife gained custody of the children. Some of the money, her main source of income, was suspected to have been used for drugs. In different states, including New York, celebrity exes have received hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in child support, which raises the question of whether exes of famous individuals take advantage of child support laws.

Denise Richards gains temporary custody of twins

New York residents might be interested to hear that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen recently solved the issue of child custody concerning Sheen's twins in court. Denise Richards, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen's full support, gained temporary custody of the twins while their mother, Brooke Mueller, checked into the Betty Ford rehabilitation center.

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