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Domestic Violence Archives

New York Assembly passes bill to help domestic violence victims

Domestic violence, in its various forms, is a concern that plagues people across the United States, including many in New York City and in the rest of New York State. Although federal and state laws have a number of provisions to prevent incidents of domestic violence, it seems that much more needs to be done before the problem is eliminated. A recent development in New York may offer relief to domestic violence victims.

New York attorneys offer protection against domestic violence

Violence between spouses or domestic partners has long been a crime throughout the country, including in New York. Although most people assume that the victims of acts of domestic violence are women, in fact, some men are also victims and deserve just as much protection. Under the law, neither sexual orientation nor gender matters when one partner is assaulted by another.

Helping New York domestic violence victims

Domestic violence is a serious social crime throughout the country, including New York. Though most victims of domestic violence are female, protection against domestic violence is available regardless of gender and sexual orientation. If you know any friend, family member, colleague or neighbor who is facing domestic violence, there is a lot you can do to help. You can help them by talking to them and helping them to get support from state organizations.

New York City joins global effort against domestic violence

Nov. 25 was the International Day to End Violence against Women. Attorneys representing the city of New York took that opportunity to report that New York City police receive over 770 reports of domestic violence daily. The lead counselor for New York City estimated that domestic violence is tied to at least 40 percent of the violent felonies committed throughout the city.

Helping to bring order to family chaos

It can be a difficult thing to talk about and to admit, even to close friends and family. Domestic violence is a problem getting increasing attention in New York City media because of recent incidents involving sports stars and celebrities, as well as on campuses and in our nation’s military.

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