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Co-Parenting In COVID-19 Crisis Mode

Co-Parenting in COVID-19 Crisis Mode

Our world as we know it has been thrown out the window for the time being, throw in a family that is in a midst of a divorce or already divorced; trying to figure out their new ”normal” can prove to be even more tumultuous if both parties can’t temporarily set their differences aside, especially when co-parenting in COVID-19 crisis mode.

In times of crisis, it is important to practice kindness, patience and understanding.  If a phone call usually leads to an argument, practice respectful texting.  Be mindful, we are all in the same boat right now.  Everyone is stressed and learning to navigate, adding tension to the mix will not help the situation.  Schools are closed for EVERYONE, do not add to the children’s anxiety. Your parenting agreement may have to adjust to this temporary ”normal.”  If you are quarantined, and you have the children, allow them to Facetime the other parent as much as they can.  Now is the time for everyone to come together not only for the sake of your children, but for the sake of your future together as co-parents.  Set the tone  now that will lead to a kinder, more positive tomorrow.

If you’re having problems co-parenting in COVID-19 crisis mode and need help mediating, please give our offices a call at: 646-770-3868.  Our team of lawyers at The Mandel Law Firm is skilled in mediation practices and here to support you during this difficult time.

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