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Divorce, Dating And Covid-19

Divorce, Dating and Covid-19

Dating while going through the process of divorce is difficult in and of itself, let’s just throw in COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) into the mix to really keep us on our toes.  Online dating, in the past, has been swipe left, swipe right, congrats if you match; text, talk, meet up for a drink, if you like each other a drink turns to dinner; if not, you make an excuse and sayonara.

What are the rules for dating during a pandemic?!?  Let’s see, swipe left, swipe right, congrats if you match; text (now this is where it gets interesting because you have to keep on texting…., there is nowhere to go during quarantine!), so you keep texting and the texting is really more than just small talk because everyone has so much concern and anxiety in their lives right now (and I’m not even mentioning the divorce at this point), you tend to get into deeper conversation quicker.  But it also means that everyone has to let their personalities shine through, it means you really need to see the person for more than they just look like on the outside.  Once you get past the texting and the talking on the phone you can move onto a video Facetime date.

In the good old days of dating, before your first date you would get your hair done, do your makeup, get dressed up, put cologne on, a pressed shirt; you get my drift.  Well, you’re not going to do that for your Facetime date, that would be overkill.  C’mon, the whole world is on lockdown; so you put on your cutest sweats, check the angle on your phone and voila, the person behind the screen sees more or less the real you, it doesn’t take three or four dates for that to happen.  Let’s not forget, when you finally “see” each other in the “real” world, you’ll be wearing a mask and standing 6 feet apart, I’m only joking but I’m kind of not.

Anyway, maybe the silver lining of it all is that this type of dating takes away all the nonsense and exposes the real, more vulnerable you. The you that matters in the long run, maybe the quarantine buddy that you find; turns into your quarantine hubby, once your divorce is final that is!

Experienced Divorce Attorney in New York

Divorce can be complicated even without COVID-19 throwing in a curveball.  The Mandel Law Firm is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and can help you navigate your divorce during these unprecedented times. To schedule a consultation, give our office a call at 646-770-3868 or send us a confidential message through our website.

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