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Griffin Divorce Tests The Strength Of Prenuptial Agreements

Griffin divorce tests the strength of prenuptial agreements

Citadel Hedge Fund founder Ken Griffin is well known in New York financial circles. Worth an estimated $5.5 billion, Griffin surprised observers when he announced his divorce from fellow financier Anne Dias-Griffin. Among those surprised by the divorce petition was his wife who received the papers while she was out of town on vacation with their children. According to documents that were recently filed by Dias Griffin, her husband has not used their residence since early 2012, had minimal contact with the couple’s three children, and hired movers to remove art and furniture from their shared residence in Chicago. Her requests in response to the divorce petition include sole custody of the children, permission to move them to New York, and nullification of their 2003 prenuptial agreement.

Dias-Griffin suggests that the agreement should be voided because she was given only three days to assess the financial disclosures of her husband’s business before their wedding in Versailles. She also suggests that she was under duress when she signed it making the document invalid.

According to Dias-Griffin, her husband got violent and destroyed a piece of furniture when she expressed reluctance to sign the document. She signed it only after her husband recommended seeing a psychologist who advised her to sign the prenuptial agreement. After the wedding, Dias-Griffin found out that her husband and the psychologist had a previous working relationship.

Divorces can lead to complex financial disputes, particularly when a business is involved. Individuals considering divorce should consult with a family law lawyer who might be able to help a person pursue their interests throughout proceedings and prenuptial agreements.

Source: NY Times, “Anne Griffin Seeks to Void Prenuptial Agreement With Ken Griffin“, Michael J. de la Merced, September 02, 2014

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