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Higher Income For Women Leads To More Women Paying Alimony

Higher income for women leads to more women paying alimony

One of the results of women in New York and elsewhere exhibiting higher rates of education and earnings is that they are also now paying alimony in increasing numbers. According to recent findings published by the Pew Research Center, one-third of women in the United States make more money than their male spouses. This entails that if these couples divorce, the division of assets often requires greater contributions from the woman in the marriage.

Many women who are the breadwinners for their families feel that they should not have to give up half of their larger retirement funds, and savings accounts and pay spousal support as well. These women often feel that if they supported their families and raised their children, they should not have to deal with an additional financial burden because they made more money than their spouses. However, some men feel that they have made the same sacrifices for their careers as women, so they should reap the same rewards as women in the same situation would.

As women have made great gains in education and income, men have begun staying home and put their careers on the back burner for their families. While this gender-role reversal improves many marriages, it also has the effect of putting a larger financial burden on women in many cases.

When an individual is considering divorce, it may be a good idea for him or her to consult with a divorce lawyer, especially if spousal support is potentially going to be an issue. A lawyer could help him or her understand state laws regarding alimony and child support and may be able to work out a fair division of assets between the spouses.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorcing Mr. Mom,” Katherine Eisold Miller, April 2, 2013

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