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How To Avoid Divorce While Being Quarantined With Your Spouse During Coronavirus

How To Avoid Divorce While Being Quarantined With Your Spouse During Coronavirus

The family time that we may or may not have wanted has been thrust upon us due to “C”OVID-19 and we are all adjusting to a new temporary “normal” in our households.  This new normal may involve both of you working remotely; throw in the kids, grandparents, a few pets and you may be ready to tear your hair out and run to Antarctica (the only place thus far that has not been exposed to the Coronavirus).  We here at The Mandel Law Firm have put together some tips to make sure that once you have survived the “C” (coronavirus), you are not headed to “D”ivorce with your spouse during coronavirus.

12 Tips to Avoiding the “D” Word (Divorce) While the “C” (Coronavirus) Word Rages Around You

  1. Patience

    You are both stressed, it is inevitable. The fear of the unknown has you both on edge.  Now is the time more than ever to practice patience and to take control of your initial reactions.  Breathe before you act.  Pretend your spouse is a co-worker.  Before you react, take a step back and ask yourself what your response would be to a co-worker.  You would be less emotional and hopefully kinder.   Set the tone and your spouse will follow your lead.

  2. Separate workspaces

    Do not work at the same desk or dining room table as your spouse if at all possible. Give each other space.  Stagger your work hours.  Take a break and go outside if you need to, practicing “social distancing” of course.

  3. Exercise

    Stream an online exercise video you can do together, there are many options available on a variety of platforms including YouTube; try a boot camp, yoga, meditation as well as many others. Take a walk outside together to clear your heads.  Exercise is not only important for your body, but it is beneficial for your mindset.  At this time, you should be doing everything possible to release those endorphins.  And if you can do it together, even better.

  4. Put your technology down

    Use this time to really speak to each other and to re-connect to your spouse, your children, etc. Play games, talk to each other in person.  All seems like common sense, but during the hustle and bustle of life, doesn’t happen as often as it should.  View and utilize what is happening now as a re-set to slow down and appreciate what you have.

  5. Be positive

    You are in control of your feelings. Speak to yourself and think positive thoughts.  Smile at your spouse and your children, compliment them, practice kindness, it is infectious and should be the norm instead of the exception, once we are through this.

  6. Set a schedule

    You might be working from home, but that does not mean that all sense of routine should go out the window. Keep structure and a schedule.  This is not only beneficial to the family as a whole but is a huge part of trying to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

  7. Get dressed

    Now is not the time to look like a slob. Your spouse should still see that you are making an effort, not only for yourself but for him/her.

  8. Take care of your appearance

    You may not be going to the salon for a bit, but you can still practice self-care and grooming skills at home.  Remember you are spending a lot more time with each other and really seeing each other. Once we emerge from the corona quarantine, we want to look like ourselves not Chewbacca’s long distant relative.

  9. Respect one another

    This should be an everyday thing at all times, not situational. No better time than the present to start.

  10. Remind yourself that you are lucky

    Lucky that you have each other. Lucky that you are safe and Lucky that you have the option of working from home.

  11. Stay Grateful.

  12. Last but not least, think about your community

    This virus is not an “I’ or “me” disease. It is a “we” disease.  Keep washing your hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus and once this is over, know that you did your best.  This quality time together will either make you or break you.  I hope that it makes you, but if it breaks you, you will deal with and get through that too.  Stay safe!

Discuss Your Case with an Experienced New York Divorce Lawyer

While we wish you all the very best and the very happiest as we handle the impact of the coronavirus, we also recognize that sometimes, things just don’t work out.  For those moments, you’ll want an experienced New York divorce lawyer with a proven track record on your side. Contact The Mandel Law Firm at (646) 770-3868 today to speak with a skilled divorce attorney. You can also reach a member of our legal team via online message at [email protected] or by completing one of our contact forms.

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