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Jon Gosselin Seeking Primary Custody Of Sextuplets

Jon Gosselin Seeking Primary Custody of Sextuplets

A child custody battle going on between Jon and Kate Gosselin may be of interest to New York residents. In a recent statement he made to InTouch magazine, Jon Gosselin announced his plan to file an emergency petition for primary child custody of his sextuplets, aged 9. Jon said that he is planning to file the petition after he has gathered the money he needs to pay for legal fees.

According to Jon, his six youngest children allegedly “live in fear” of their mother Kate. During his parenting time with his sextuplets, Jon reports being told of their desire to live at his home. Jon went on to explain that part of his motivation for the legal action was to alert Kate to her behavior. He said he hopes that no matter what the judge decides, Kate will “change her ways.”

An unidentified source told a celebrity news website about Jon’s allegedly troubled relationship with his two oldest children. The 13-year-old twins apparently don’t speak with their father due to hurt feelings over a child support issue. Jon was reportedly able to avoid child support payment obligations by waiving his rights to have a say in his children’s scheduled television appearances.

When two ex-spouses aren’t on the same page, determining what’s in the best interest of the children may become a matter of litigation. A parent who is facing a potential child custody dispute may decide to seek the help of an attorney. Whether the individual wants primary custody of the children or more visitation time, an attorney may be able to represent their interests in court.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Jon Gosselin To Sue Kate Gosselin For Primary Child Custody Of Sextuplets“, January 23, 2014

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