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Judge Jane Pearl Joins The Mandel Law Firm As Special Counsel

Judge Jane Pearl Joins The Mandel Law Firm as Special Counsel

She’s More than a Lawyer
She’s More than a Psychologist
She’s More than a Judge

She’s Jane Pearl, Special Counsel to The Mandel Law Firm

As a Family Court and former Acting Supreme Court Judge, the Hon. Jane Pearl (Ret.) handled more than 100,000 cases during her 21+ years on the bench.

Jane Pearl is also one of the few judges in New York State who has a Ph.D. in psychology and was actually a practicing clinical and consulting psychologist, training and supervising mental health professionals, for more than 20 years.

Any law firm would be lucky to have someone with this incredible background join them. No one has the depth and breadth of experience that she does, and we at The Mandel Law Firm are extremely excited that she chose to join us.

In her new role as special counsel with The Mandel Law Firm, Judge Pearl will be consulting with clients, litigating and mediating cases as well as accepting assignments as a Parent Coordinator, an Attorney for Children, a Neutral Evaluator, and an Independent Mediator.

She will also be assisting members of our bar with reviews of forensic evaluations, as well as offering her services as a trial consultant to other law firms.

Now is your chance to put Judge Pearl’s 21+ years of legal experience on the bench, handling more than 100,000+ cases, to work for you and your clients.

Feel free to call us at 646-770-3868 to discuss how Jane Pearl, Steven J Mandel, and the other members of The Mandel Law Firm, can help you prepare your family law case for success.

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