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Negotiation: The Better Approach To Property Division

Negotiation: the better approach to property division

There are few easy paths to take through life. That’s certainly the case in what can be one of life’s most trying experiences: divorce.

There are paths a couple can take through divorce – and difficult issues such as property division – that can reduce friction and often lead to resolutions both parties agree to and can live with. One such path is through the process of negotiating a property division settlement.

When couples agree to enter negotiations, both sides increase the likelihood of finding workable compromises. That reduces the risk of litigation that can result in a court deciding how property is to be divided. When you sit down at the negotiating table, you can make proposals that lead to favorable outcomes for both you and your spouse.

An article on the American Psychological Association website notes that there is research indicating that men and women often have different approaches and goals in negotiations. While a man might focus on certain task-oriented goals and be less willing to compromise on those goals, a woman might be more focused on her interpersonal relationships than her spouse, and be more risk-averse.

An experienced family law attorney can help both male and female clients approach negotiations with a balanced approach that focuses on their top priorities in divorce. When there are children involved, that top priority is their well-being and their best interests.

That can mean that parents are more willing to compromise in order to shield their children from the possible harm of protracted, emotional litigation.

An experienced Manhattan family law attorney will discuss with you the process and your priorities and then work to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

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