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New York City Joins Global Effort Against Domestic Violence

New York City joins global effort against domestic violence

Nov. 25 was the International Day to End Violence against Women. Attorneys representing the city of New York took that opportunity to report that New York City police receive over 770 reports of domestic violence daily. The lead counselor for New York City estimated that domestic violence is tied to at least 40 percent of the violent felonies committed throughout the city.

The executive director for the United Nations woman’s agency commented that those numbers reflect a similar amount of domestic violence perpetrated against women around the world. According to the U.N. Spokesperson, global estimates of domestic violence indicate that one in three women will experience an incident of physical or sexual violence throughout their lifetimes. The director called on both local and international communities to take an active role in putting an end to what she referred to as a blatant violation of women.

Thus far, both New York City and the United Nations have teamed up to launch a campaign focused on eliminating the scourge of violence against women. The joint effort has been dubbed “Orange Your Neighborhood” in an effort to spark awareness and local areas regarding domestic violence.

As part of the campaign, the Empire State Building and the United Nations headquarters lighted both facilities using orange-colored lighting on Nov. 25 to signify the importance of the day. The New York City mayor’s wife and the UN director also signed an official memorandum of understanding as part of the official commemoration. The agreement underscores both party’s willingness to support public education about domestic violence and programs designed to enhance women’s safety and empowerment.

The mayor’s wife said that she is aware of the serious need of those services in New York City’s public housing projects. She went on to say that 75 percent of domestic violence incidents are not reported in those locations. Her office is now gearing up to field teams of special workers who will be tasked with connecting victims with family centers and other services aimed at getting them access to require services.

If you are a New York resident who is currently suffering from domestic violence or emotional abuse you should know that there are many legal remedies you can employ. For example, your New York family law attorney can assist in obtaining orders of protection from your abuser and prevent him or her from stalking or harassing you or your children.

Source: ABC News, “Domestic Violence in NYC Reflects the World” Edith M. Lederer, Nov. 25, 2014

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