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Parenting Schedule During Virtual Schooling

Parenting Schedule During Virtual Schooling

Since mid-March, the whole world has been living in unchartered territory, seems like each day brings about a new “norm” that we all have to adjust to, learn how to deal with, and sometimes embrace for the unforeseeable future.  No one has it harder than the children in all of this.  We as parents, are supposed to have the answers, we are supposed to know what to do; not right now, no one has the answers and we are all just winging it day by day.

A lot of divorced families at the start of the pandemic were able to figure out a new schedule to adjust to with regards to the children.  When summer came a lot of families enjoyed the flexibility of a new schedule for the children that did not involve camp and were able to split their time into two weeks on and two weeks off.  This afforded parents the ability to spend quality time with their children.

Well, summer is over (if we can call summer 2020 summer) and most families are now dealing with a hybrid school situation, so what is the best way to adjust for this scenario so that the children can thrive?  Zoom school should be treated just like regular school.  Children excel when there is a routine, a set schedule that they can follow.  Below are some tips and tricks to make Zoom School more enjoyable and effective for the new school year:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable space for your child’s online classroom meetings.
  2. When distractions pop up, i.e. the dog barking, the bell ringing. Be patient, flexible and adaptable.
  3. Try to avoid wiggling your fingers in front of the camera, or spinning in your chair in front of the camera. This can be distracting to the teacher and the other students in your zoom classroom.
  4. Keep phones out of the area of your online classroom. Your child would not text in class in front of the teacher.  Texting off camera while the teacher is teaching should not be allowed as well.
  5. Be kind, respectful and considerate of others, just as you would in a classroom.
  6. Actively engage in learning.
  7. Look into the camera light so that you can make “virtual eye contact.”
  8. Dress appropriately as you would to school
  9. Raise your hand to speak as you would in class.
  10. Sometimes a nod of your head is more effective as a response rather than waiting for everyone to say “ok.”

I believe that the Custody schedule that was worked out pre-pandemic should be the one followed as if it was a regular school year with regular in-person instruction daily.

School is school, and the parenting schedule that the children have been used to following during the school year will ease the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that all these children are feeling.  A sense of our old normal can make our new normal more palatable.

Child Custody Attorney in New York

Sometimes, things just don’t work the way we want them to.  If your child custody agreement or parenting plan isn’t working under these new conditions, you’ll want to seek the counsel of an experienced child custody attorney in New York who gets results.  The Mandel Law Firm’s philosophy on child custody and visitation is: “Keeping the focus on the child in child custody and visitation cases.”  Get in touch today be sending us a secure message via our website or by calling 646-770-3868.

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