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Preparing For Child Custody Cases In New York

Preparing for Child Custody Cases in New York

Divorce can be likened to a roller-coaster ride, with a full range of emotions from anger to frustration to sadness and depression experienced by both parties. As a couple engages in a court battle, they often forget the best interests of the child. What a couple often forgets is that, although they may have fallen out of love, their children still love both parents equally, and want to be with both parents. Most courts in the country, including those in New York, take these factors into consideration when determining child custody cases in New York.

The factors that the court considers while giving child custody orders are: the parent who has been the primary caregiver, the requirement for stability in a child’s life, the financial capacity of each parent, the home environment of each parent, each parent’s fitness, and the child’s preferences, if any.

The child custody case outcome depends, to a large extent, on how a case is presented.

There are many factors that can aid in making the presentation worthwhile. A journal is a record of events that impact the children’s lives and highlight a parent’s capacity to take care of the child. The journal may help a parent keep track of important events so they are not accused of raising events that may not have occurred.

A parent can also present pictures to highlight a parent’s closeness to the child. This will have an impact in child custody matters. If a parent can show the living area of the rooms, the playgrounds and the time spent with the children, it will impact the child custody hearing.

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