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Restraining Order Against Jason Patric Granted To Ex-Girlfriend

Restraining Order Against Jason Patric Granted To Ex-Girlfriend

New York residents may be interested to learn about the custody battle going on between actor Jason Patric and his ex-girlfriend. In 2009, the two had a child using donated sperm from Patric. When the couple split up, Patric filed a joint child custody claim and lost. According to the court’s decision, Patric is a sperm donor and has no legal parental rights concerning his biological son.

While Patric awaits a decision on an appeal, his ex-girlfriend has been granted a one-year restraining order against him. In an appearance on “The View,” Patric spoke about the events that took place before his ex-girlfriend chose to get the restraining order. According to Patric, he had emailed her numerous times with letters from lawyers and articles about the childhood effects of having an absent father. Patric said his ex-girlfriend called the emails unwanted communication.

With the restraining order in place, Patric will no longer be allowed to communicate with his ex-girlfriend. While speaking on “The View,” Patric said that he sent the emails for 10 months hoping that they would help him to see his son. Recently, Patric held a fundraiser for Stand Up For Gus, the organization he created and named after his son.

While involved in a child custody dispute, a parent may wish to seek legal counsel from a family law attorneyAn attorney may assist the noncustodial parent in attaining and enforcing a joint-custody agreement. While building a case, the noncustodial parent may gather evidence to demonstrate their abilities as a parent. Evidence may include the presentation of character witnesses and photographs of the noncustodial parent’s home.

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