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Smartphone Apps Can Help Facilitate The Divorce Process

Smartphone Apps Can Help Facilitate the Divorce Process

Even when parties generally see eye-to-eye and are represented by counsel, the divorce process is never easy. For many, ending their marriage is one of the most stressful experiences they will ever endure. Fortunately, just as technology can provide numerous benefits in other aspects of your personal life, there are mobile apps that can ease the divorce process. Plus, since parental obligations and other matters will continue after your final decree is entered, these apps can help with communication and organization in the long term. By working at an arm’s length, the technology alleviates tension between the parties. If disputes develop, they have records to take to court.

No app will ever take the place of retaining legal representation, so you should still work with a skilled New York divorce attorney who will protect your rights and help you achieve your objectives. Still, because you will be in charge of certain logistics, you should know about how mobile apps can deliver benefits in several divorce and post-divorce topics.

Property Division

 When the parties are on an amicable basis and can communicate effectively regarding distribution of marital assets and debts, iSplit Divorce might be an option. This app makes the process easy because it breaks things down into steps. Each party reviews the list of real estate and personal property, identifies it as marital or separate, and then assigns a proposed monetary value.

After reviewing each item, users can move assets between them– at which point the app will adjust the value. The technology enables you to see how properties going to one spouse or the other will impact shares of the total marital estate.

 Child Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plans

 Parents can benefit from several useful mobile apps that support them in raising children separately – and together. AppClose features tools for creating parenting plans and schedules, communicating pickup and drop-off requests, and messaging.

OurFamilyWizard provides many of the same options, including a calendar for figuring out custody and visitation around holidays and school breaks. Plus, it features tools for tracking child-related costs that parents share, such as for health care and education.

Alimony and Child Support

As the name indicates, SupportPay is a platform dedicated to managing, recording, and submitting payments for spousal and child support. The key feature is a notification system that issues reminders, but additional benefits include:

  • Paying parents have a better idea of where the funds are going and can monitor expenditures.
  • Parents receiving child support can demonstrate to the other just how expensive it is to raise their children.

SupportPay does not require both parties to sign up for the service, so you can opt in even if your ex does not. The mobile app tracking and archiving features may be helpful in the event of disputes or court action.

Emotional Health

There is even an app to help you cope with the non-legal, personal issues associated with divorce: Mend. You begin the journey by indicating the reason you ended your marriage and answer additional questions. The app provides you with a wide range of post-divorce content on finances, relationships, budgeting, and emotional health.

Trust a New York Divorce Lawyer for Help with Legal Issues

Despite their helpful features and benefits, a mobile app cannot replace the knowledge and experience a divorce attorney can provide. Our team at The Mandel Law Firm will handle the essential legal tasks, so you can look forward to your post-divorce future. To learn how we can serve your needs, please call (646) 770-3868 or go online to reach our offices in Manhattan, NY. After reviewing your circumstances, our lawyers can advise you on what to expect during the divorce process.

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