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   By MandelLawFirm

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Deciding to file for a divorce was a tremendously difficult decision that took me several years to make. When I finally set my mind to divorce I was overwhelmed by the idea of finding suitable representation- a counselor who would understand me and execute my wishes and serve my interests, someone who would be responsive, and expert that was familiar with the system and the obstacles that I might face, and importantly someone that I could trust. I was blessed to find all those things and more in Steven Mandel. From our first conversation I felt at ease. Steven was always really available and worked efficiently to resolve my divorce. At the most stressful times he was a comforting voice of discernment prepared to take the next course of action. At every twist and turn I could rely on Steve. Whenever we faced a bump in the road, Steve had a contingency plan in place to keep us moving forward. His relationship with the courts is a great asset to his clients and helped us tremendously during the process. Steve is a professional that sincerely cares for his clients and listens to their voice. Additionally, his administrative staff work in concert with him and together the office proved to be a powerful team that works rapidly in the interests of the firm’s clients. In accordance with my desire Steve was able to secure a settlement and finalize my divorce in the best fashion possible and in time for me to wed the love of my life. My ex is so lucky that Steve didn’t have to show his litigation capacity in a court room because I am sure Steve would have shredded him. I would strongly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a great representation in a divorce proceeding.