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The Divorce Of 2 Powerful Lobbyists Turns Ugly

The divorce of 2 powerful lobbyists turns ugly

High-powered individuals who are going through a contested divorce in New York may need to keep tabs on their property as they embark on the separation proceedings. One important figure in D.C. was recently locked out of his own apartment in Venice, Italy, by his estranged wife, with whom he had once shared the property. The man was said to be attempting to ensure that he would be allowed to keep what he claimed were his separate properties in local areas and other countries.

The man also wanted to retain the art collection that he accumulated before marriage and equitably divide the pieces of artwork that he and his wife acquired together; the parties were avid art collectors. When the pair told the public that they were separating, commentators did not think that the artwork would pose a problem in the division of assets. Unfortunately, the relationship between the parties seems to have worsened.

The man also accused his wife of impeding his ability to freely donate works of art by writing letters to the museums asking them to deny his gifts. In March 2013, the man also gave his wife financial aid for the purchase of a house after their split, which he says was done in consideration of her suggestion that the two may get back together. The woman was already in a new relationship when she made the promise.

While divorce can sometimes be an amicable process, some cases, such as this one, may require the help of an experienced divorce lawyer. A lawyer may be able to assist divorcing couples in the process of property division.

Source: The Washington Post, “Tony Podesta divorce filing: wife Heather Podesta tried to ‘embarrass and harass’“, Emily Heil, April 03, 2014

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