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The REAL Housewives Of New York Get Maintenance

The REAL Housewives of New York Get Maintenance

Forget Bethany, Jill, and Kelly, the REAL housewives of New York are finally having their day in New York.

All of the Bravo-watching universe (you know who you are) are well aware of the antics that these famed “housewives” are up to each week: start-up businesses, singing careers, and other income-producing hobbies that seem to come and go as quickly as the men in their lives. However, if you were to ask any woman living in the Empire State who (1) is married and (2) does not earn an income on her own, what is the quickest way to get some guaranteed money these days, she would not look to the Countess and her CD, but rather give a wink to her recently retained divorce lawyer and tell you this new law:

As of October 12, 2010, the lower-earning spouse will receive as temporary maintenance during a pending divorce, the lesser of:

1. 30% of the payor’s spouse LESS 20% of the payee’s spouse OR

2. 40% of the combined income LESS the payee’s income

While the payor’s income is to be capped at $500,000.00 and there are other factors that the court may apply to deviate from the above-calculated figures, these are the presumptive amounts of maintenance that a lower-earning spouse may receive as support during the pendency of a divorce trial.

So while the reality stars are hawking weight loss tips and selling pictures of themselves to tabloids to make ends meet, the REAL housewives of New York are having their recently separated girlfriends over to sip some bubbly while watching the Bravo TV marathons on the flat screen television that they were able to purchase with that monthly check.

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