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Three Common Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid During Divorce

As emotionally taxing as divorce can be, it’s important to keep a cool head until the process is complete. Even small errors can prolong the proceedings, and major mistakes could have a significant impact on the assets you keep, child custody, visitation rights, and more. Give yourself the best chance of getting what you want in your divorce with help from a New York divorce attorney. The Mandel Law Firm advises New Yorkers to keep calm and avoid the following common divorce mistakes.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Your life will change as a result of your divorce, whether you like it or not. Losing your spouse’s income can dramatically affect your finances as well as your lifestyle. You might owe alimony payments to your former spouse or child support. A family law attorney can help you understand what’s fair and what you should fight against.

The reality is divorce costs, so it’s important to have perspective when it comes to your future. Focus on what’s most important for you to move on with your life and accept that compromise is sometimes necessary. Your divorce lawyer can help you plan for your future and maintain a rational approach to the divorce process.

Reading Your Spouse’s Email

Do not, under any circumstances, read your spouse’s email during the separation or divorce process. Even if they gave you permission and access to their email account during your marriage, initiating a divorce invalidates their previous consent.

As tempting as snooping may be, there are two major reasons to stay far away from your spouse’s email. First, looking through someone’s email without their permission is a crime, so you could face criminal penalties for violating your former spouse’s privacy. Second, invading your spouse’s private communications makes you look back, which could affect the outcome of your divorce. If you suspect there’s critical information in your spouse’s email account, tell your lawyer so that they can obtain those emails legally.

Taking Legal Advice From Friends and Family

Once you initiate divorce proceedings, people will come out of the woodwork with advice on what you should do. While your friends and family may have good intentions, try to ignore their suggestions. Every divorce is different, so what may have worked for your friend or family member may not apply to you.

Instead, seek advice from professionals who know what they’re talking about. Your lawyer has the experience and legal training to identify the best strategy for your situation. And they know the laws and regulations that apply to New York divorces. No matter how good the advice from your family and friends seems, listening to it will only cloud the issue. Acting on their bad advice could lead to a disastrous outcome, so speak to your attorney and stick with what they say.

How a New York Family Lawyer Could Help

Getting help from a New York family lawyer is crucial for anyone seeking a divorce. There are complicated laws surrounding the division of marital property, custody arrangements for any children you may have, alimony, and other critical issues. Your lawyer can help you find the right strategy for your situation and look at your case from a neutral perspective. And they can help you avoid breaking any rules that might adversely affect your divorce outcome.

The best time to speak to a divorce lawyer is as soon as possible. Whether you want to initiate proceedings or your spouse notified you of their intent to do so, get help now. Set up your initial consultation with the New York divorce lawyers at The Mandel Law Firm by calling us, using our online chat service, or visiting our contact page.

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