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Top Five Reasons to Hire a New York Divorce Lawyer

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Going through a divorce without the help of an attorney can be extremely challenging. An experienced divorce lawyer is equipped to provide their clients with not only legal help but a shoulder to lean on during this stressful time.

It is highly recommended you retain the legal services of a local divorce lawyer. For instance, if you live in New York, it is best to hire a New York divorce attorney. There are numerous benefits to retaining an attorney within your county, including knowledge of local judges and surrounding divorce attorneys. Here are five key reasons why you need to hire an experienced divorce lawyer:

You need someone who can explain the law

The law is complex and filled with details that are easy to miss for someone who is not a lawyer. The language used in some laws can have special meanings that differ from everyday usage. Having a divorce lawyer on your side means that you have someone who is familiar with the laws and legalese that apply to your divorce. They will help you to understand the statutes and court orders and explain how they apply to your unique situation.

You need objective advice

The divorce process can be tremendously stressful and emotional. In retaining a divorce attorney, you gain an ally who can provide an informed, objective outsider perspective. They can answer all your questions, address your concerns, and guide you as you make important decisions.

Your emotions during the divorce process could prevent you from making the best decisions. As an objective third party, a knowledgeable divorce attorney can keep a level head and remove themselves from the emotional aspects of the case. An attorney will be able to help prevent you from allowing your emotions to sabotage your case. This will also help them to work toward the best resolution for both parties.

You need help with paperwork

There’s typically a massive amount of legal paperwork involved in the divorce process. Paperwork will be required to manage taxes, appraise assets, and communicate with the judge and your spouse’s attorney, among other tasks. If you make a critical mistake, such as missing a court date or failing to sign a document, you could be subject to prosecution. A lawyer can prevent this from happening as well as expediting and simplifying the paperwork process.

Your financial situation is complicated

If your finances are complex, a skilled lawyer can help you untangle them and ensure you are treated fairly. An experienced divorce lawyer will be able to make sure your home and assets are properly valued, which will contribute to a fair division of property.

You want a faster resolution

An experienced divorce attorney can help you finalize your divorce more quickly. You need a knowledgeable attorney who thoroughly understands the divorce process and all the key decisions that must be made. An attorney will work tirelessly to see that your best interests are looked after as they seek a prompt and fair resolution.

Contact a New York Divorce Lawyer

If you are going through a divorce, you need a divorce lawyer in your corner. The sooner you hire an attorney, the more successful your case will be. The New York divorce lawyers at The Mandel Law Firm offer benefits that you can’t get from representing yourself. Call now for a consultation.