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False Allegations of Abuse Lawyers NYC

Falsely Accused of Abuse in Divorce?

If you have been falsely accused of abuse in a divorce action, you need to protect yourself and you need to do it now. Your reputation, your access to your children and your leverage to negotiate other aspects of your divorce in New York such as property division all are at stake. You need aggressive counsel to protect your interests and rights. You need a law firm that will stand behind you and is committed to exposing the truth. You need The Mandel Law Firm to defend you against these extremely serious false allegations. At The Mandel Law Firm, we help people facing false allegations of domestic abuse, spousal abuse, partner abuse, child abuse, neglect and any other type of domestic violence situation in New York City and the surrounding areas, including all five boroughs and Long Island. Since 1980, our founding Family Law Attorney Steven J. Mandel and our skilled legal team have been committed to helping people resolve all types of family law issues and achieve fair outcomes. Contact us today to discuss your situation and immediate needs during a confidential and informative consultation.

Lawyers Fighting Against False Allegations of Spousal Assault and Child Abuse

Throughout New York, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in false allegations being used to gain leverage in family law matters. We call it the “False Allegations in Divorce Epidemic Syndrome” or “FADES.” People make these false accusations for all types of reasons, including to:

  • Obtain temporary and permanent child custody rights
  • Prevent visitation rights or relocation petitions from being granted
  • Gain exclusive occupancy and possession of a marital residence
  • Leverage favor with a judge, mediator or other third party that may have influence in the outcome of a decision in a divorce action, such as property division or spousal support
  • Discredit the other side for future modification petitions with regard to custody, child support, alimony and other important matters

These accusations are not only reserved for men. We represent men and women from all walks of life who are facing Orders of Protection petitions, Department of Child Welfare or ACS investigations, and other legal obstacles because their spouse or partner is looking to gain leverage in a divorce or custody action by making false allegations of physical, sexual or emotional abuse against a partner, spouse or even their child.

We are quick to take action to protect your interests. We stress how important it is that our clients not speak to investigators or anyone else about these allegations outside our presence. We conduct an independent investigation, examine all of the evidence being used against you and make thorough challenges in whatever court necessary. We know that failing to do so can result in a chain reaction, where one professional relies on the (unreliable) opinion of another, which then becomes enshrined in the court record, like a snowball rolling down a hill. We seek to prevent this from happening at every single turn.

“In preparing for trial, I prepare for war, but always hope for peace.” — Steven J. Mandel

Knowingly reporting false allegations of child abuse, neglect or mistreatment is now a crime under New York State law. This change is intended to deter people from using the laws that were created to shield children from harm, as a sword against a loving parent and other family members. Unfortunately, the false allegations are most prevalent in the context of a child custody battleOur attorneys know how to prove the disingenuousness of these claims and use these specious allegations against the accuser.

If You Have Been Accused of Abuse, Violence or Neglect, Don’t Wait. Get Experienced Legal Help Now. You’ll Need It.

Find a real solution with the help of the lawyers of The Mandel Law Firm. We provide knowledgeable legal guidance and dedicated representation with proven results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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