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How To Choose The Right Attorney For Family Law Dispute Family Law Solutions for New York City

““The practice of law is an art, not a science. You need an attorney with the skill and experience to make the law work for you. You need an advocate who is focused on finding real solutions, in and out of court.” — Steven J. Mandel”

One of the most important decisions you will make when preparing for a family law dispute is choosing the right attorney for you.

While divorces and family law disputes can be daunting experiences to almost anyone, selecting an attorney who is both a zealous advocate as well as a compassionate listener is essential. Additionally, while it is critical for your divorce lawyer to recognize your underlying needs, it is also critical for them to know the applicable laws with proficiency and make the law work best for you. While personality fit is another key factor to consider in your search for the right lawyer, selecting someone whose experience demonstrates their being not just a lawyer, but a counselor is vital.

Legal Experience and History of Success

When facing a difficult situation, it is essential to choose an experienced lawyer who has successfully dealt with issues similar to yours in the past. Our lawyers have a demonstrated history of success and are competent at handling a wide variety of family law matters. Making sure that your rights are fully protected is what our lawyers do best. It can be helpful to factor the attorney’s credentials which can include their AV and Super Lawyer’s rating into your hiring decision. Even if your family law matter is not one that requires going to court, choosing an attorney who has past experience with the courts and judges in your jurisdiction is indispensable. An attorney who is familiar with the legal system in your area will only work to your advantage – the attorney will be able to devise the best strategy for your case. Our lawyers are recognized and respected by the Courts, and our peers, for our extensive knowledge and high level of legal expertise.

Personality Fit

One of the most crucial things you should consider when hiring your divorce attorney is the personality fit between you and the attorney. Trusting your initial instinct is key. After an initial consultation, you should be able to gauge the type of person the attorney is and if this person is someone with whom you feel you can communicate with. Family law matters can be highly emotional and individualized which means that selecting an attorney that you believe has your best interests at heart is important. You should choose the attorney that you trust will provide you with honest advice, not one who that you believe will lengthen the court process or unnecessary emotional stress. The initial consultation should give you a good sense of the attorney’s personality, the firm’s culture and whether this attorney will be able to effectively advocate for you.

Reality and Honesty

An attorney who understands your goals but also reality is something you should heavily consider. One of the biggest red flags you can come across in your search is a “yes man.” An attorney should not be a magician nor should he or she promise you the world so that you are inevitably disappointed with the end result. No end result is ever completely perfect, and your attorney should be forthright with you regarding your case. A divorce attorney should be able to understand your goals and needs, but, should be honest and realistic with you about attaining those goals. Our attorneys will maintain candor and sincerity throughout your divorce and will advocate as hard as they can to achieve your goals.

A Counselor in Law, but also in Life

It is especially important to hire a lawyer who will understand both your wishes and needs. At the Mandel Law Firm, we will recognize that there are certain things that you need to be happy, and those are the things that we will fight the hardest to get. Additionally, our attorneys will provide the necessary comfort and understanding to any tough situation that you may face in the process toward a resolution. Our attorneys will not only counsel and explain the applicable laws, but, will act as “counselors in life” and aid you in starting a new chapter in your life. We are here with an empathetic ear as we strive to create a productive and comfortable environment where you will feel safe and secure. Our attorneys, while they each have different work styles, are compassionate listeners and will do their best to get you the best results.

A Firm Dedicated to Family Law and Versed in Your Specific Issues

The family law firm that you hire should be one that is experienced in a wide range of family law matters, not one that simply dabbles in the occasional family law case. Hiring a firm that specializes in family law will guarantee that you are in the best hands. Attorneys who have handled cases or unique issues just like your own will provide you with the greatest chances of attaining your goals as well as feeling comfortable throughout the process.

Ease of Communication

Not only is it important to select an attorney who you feel you can communicate freely with, but it is as important to choose an attorney who will be accessible and responsive to your emails and phone calls. Any family law matter is one that is extremely personal and will impact your everyday life. At the Mandel Law Firm, our lawyers will prioritize your case and never make you feel like you are on the back burner.

Ask Around, Do Your Research and Read Client Testimonials

One of the best ways to know if a lawyer is right for you is to ask around, research and read through client testimonials or reviews. Hearing about our client’s personal experiences with our attorneys will enable you to hear firsthand from our clients. A good experience at a family law firm will make you feel at ease and able to visualize the positive results from someone in your shoes.

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