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Media Appearances

Over his many years of practicing law, Steven J.Mandel has not only been quoted extensively as a legal expert by every major New York newspaper publication as well as national publications, but has regularly shared his insights and legal analysis on both TV and Radio. In addition, his legal papers have been sought out by Matthew Bender for inclusion in their “form” books, which serve as examples of writing excellence, for other attorneys.

The legality of marriage and family structure has been redefined in the 21st century. Steve Mandel, a divorce attorney, is at the forefront of that change. proceed to to read the rest of the story.

The following is a partial list of the media vehicles in which Mr.Mandel has either been quoted, interviewed, filmed, appeared, or hosted.

Latest News

NYC Divorce Lawyer - Get Here Before Your Spouse Does - The Mandel Law Firm

Why should you get here first? Watch our new TV commercial:

Thinking of calling our firm for you divorce? Well, like this 30 second spot says “Just make sure you get here first”. While we have fun in this video, it really is important to make sure you contact us before your spouse does. You don’t want them having the upper...
Interview with Steven Mandel

Interview with Steven Mandel – Founder of The Mandel Law Firm, NYC

Today, I had the privilege of talking to Steve Mandel, a reputable family law attorney and successful business owner of The Mandel Law Firm (MLF) located in central Manhattan. Steve’s story is remarkable and I am in complete awe of his accomplishments and...
Steven Mandel on Marrying Millions

Steve Mandel Appears on Lifetime’s “Marrying Millions”

Did you miss me on last month's Lifetime Show " Marrying Millions? Did Megan sign the prenup I recommended? I won't spoil it for you just yet. Go watch! Marrying Millions Season 1 Episode 7
Crying Stressed Woman

Steve Mandel in the News: 7 Common Moments That Couples Who Get Divorced Go Through

There are a lot of different things that go into a couple's decision to get divorced. It's usually not just one thing that makes someone want to start the process — it's typically a combination of the little things that slowly build up and impact the relationship over...

What is No-Fault Divorce?

10/08/2018 What is No-fault divorce? In August 2010, Governor Paterson signed the bill that finally brought the state of New York’s divorce law up to speed with the 49 other states. Prior to the enactment of the new no-fault divorce provision, unhappily married...

It’s Another World in There

Life in prison is different from life on the outside, to say the least. Two recent court decisions touched on aspects of these differences. An inmate who was serving a sentence for robbery applied to have his name changed and asked that the court filing fees be waived...

Careful! It Might Be Loaded!

Firearms have a long and illustrious history in this country. Two recent New York appellate court decisions add their own color to this history. In New York City, a former NYPD detective accidentally shot himself in the knee at a precinct station house. The detective...

Fresh Air & Exercise

Good health and exercise usually go hand-in-hand. But sometimes engaging in athletic activities can result in injury or even disability. Three recent court decisions highlight the law's view of responsibility for risks from athletic activity. A high school student was...

No-Fault Divorce Doesn’t Necessarily Mean No-Trial

When the New York legislature passed a no-fault divorce statute (Domestic Relations Law §170) last summer, one of its goals was to cut down on lengthy and expensive litigation. Apparently one Essex County judge didn't get this memo. Judith A. Strack filed for divorce...

No-Fault Divorce No Longer a Problem for NY?

Thanks to the State Assembly's approval of BILL NO A09753A, New York finally has the option of no-fault divorce just like the rest of the country. Under this amendment to NY Domestic Relations Law §170, the minimum requirement for divorce will be one spouse swearing...
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