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LGBTQ Family Law

The Mandel Law Firm has been in the forefront of Marriage Equality and all other LGBTQ Family Law issues for many years. We have offered members of the LGBTQ community expert guidance in all areas of Family Law. Whether you are thinking about a prenuptial agreement, contemplating in-vitro fertilization, thinking about doing a second parent adoption, contemplating divorce, or need information on estate planning, The Mandel Law Firm is fully prepared to satisfy your needs.

Many lawyers are gay- friendly, but not many lawyers are as gay- knowledgeable as Steven J. Mandel.

Fairly Handling Same-Sex and LGBTQ Family Law Issues

Our LGBTQ family law attorneys have the knowledge, experience and sensitivity necessary to answer questions and handle the variety of legal issues faced by same-sex couples. We pride ourselves on the welcoming and supportive environment we offer all our clients.

  • We recognize that those who are gender nonconforming, transgender, or intersex have special concerns, including changing their name and identification.
  • We know how to prepare same-sex prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements that will be enforceable.
  • We advise non-biological parents with respect to second parent adoptions, custody & visitation issues, parenting agreements, financial obligations, and more.
  • We prepare Donor Insemination Agreements and Health Care Directives, including Last Wills and Testaments, Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and Health Care Proxies.

Protecting Your Partner, Children and Assets

Gay and lesbian couples who have prenuptial, postnuptial or cohabitation agreements, including sharing of expenses, tenancy agreements or otherwise documented legal relationships, are in a better position should they decide to terminate their relationship than those who don’t, since they have already discussed and agreed upon most of those issues that would arise upon termination.

However, even if you do have these types of document in place, and certainly if you don’t, your partner may still sue you for a division of marital or partnership assets, including any equity acquired in your home during your relationship, your pension, any earnings on investments during that time and interest earned on your bank accounts. Our firm can help you resolve all of the following issues:

  • Gay and lesbian divorce
  • Same-sex domestic violence
  • Reallocation of assets
  • Dissolution of long-term non-marital relationships
  • Pet custody issues
  • Transfer of real estate and other property
  • Custody and support of children (including biological and non-biological children)

Leaders in LGBTQ Family Law

Steven Mandel is a recognized leader in the field of same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce. He proudly walked across the Brooklyn Bridge in support on Marriage Equality – and has the T-shirt to prove it. In addition to appearing regularly in the media, he presents Continuing Legal Education courses at Law Schools and Bar Associations, where he teaches other lawyers the fine points of this ever-changing field of law. He also proudly appears on screen as a legal authority in the critically acclaimed “Between the Shades”, a feature length documentary that explores the shades of being gay, gender nonconforming, transgender, and intersex, through what connects us all – love.

Recently, a number of important legal developments have occurred regarding children of same-sex marriages. At The Mandel Law Firm, we’re poised on the cutting edge of development in this area. We follow cases on a daily basis in order to use new legal precedents to advance our clients’ cases.

“Our legal system works. The trick is to find an attorney who knows how to make it work for you.” — Attorney Steven J. Mandel

Beyond the intellectual component of a case, we recognize how important it is to satisfy our client’s emotional needs. At The Mandel Law Firm our experienced LGBTQ family law attorneys understand you, what you are going through and how you may feel during this extremely difficult time in your life.

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The Mandel Law Firm believes that love knows no gender. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to help you assert your rights and to ensure you are fully protected. Contact us today online, or by telephone locally at (646) 770-3868 to learn more in a consultation with an attorney.

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