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New York City Settlement Agreement Lawyers

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What can you do if you can’t get divorced because of religious reasons?

What can you do if you can’t get divorced because you’re afraid of losing medical insurance or social security benefits?

What can you do if you’re afraid your spouse is incurring debt that you may held liable for?

In these circumstances, and more, a legal Separation Agreement may be just what you need to protect your rights and interest and enable you to move on with your life in a positive way.

Attorneys Handling Separations & Divorce Settlement Agreements

Being legally separated for a year is considered a valid ground for divorce in New York, making it an attractive option to some couples who may not be ready for divorce, or may not want a divorce for religious purposes.

For some, legal separation is an end unto itself. As an alternative to divorce, legal separation may be especially appropriate for those who have religious or moral objections to civil divorce or those who have not yet obtained a religious divorce. At The Mandel Law Firm, we have extensive experience helping people with legal separation, settlement agreements and other family law issues. Contact us today online, or by telephone locally at (646) 770-3868 to speak with an experienced New York family law attorney.

Settlement Agreements

In any legal separation — whether as an alternative to or as part of the divorce process — a formal settlement agreements, or Stipulation of Settlement is necessary to outline the important legal and financial issues, such as:

The lawyers of The Mandel Law Firm have extensive experience in the negotiation, drafting and formalization of settlement agreements. Our goal is to help our clients lay a firm foundation for a stable and prosperous future. We understand the importance of focusing on the solution in these cases, instead of becoming mired in contention.

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If you are seeking a legal separation or settlement agreements or simply need honest answers and practical advice regarding your options, contact us online, by telephone locally at (646) 770-3868 to speak with an experienced family law attorney.

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