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Skilled Wall Street Family Lawyers

Are you seeking a divorce from your spouse or struggling with another family law matter? If so, The Mandel Law Firm is ready to protect your rights and advocate for your needs. Led by founding attorney Steven J. Mandel, our firm has earned a reputation as one of the preeminent family law firms around Wall Street and across Manhattan. We know the value of negotiating to resolve an issue as quickly and amicably as possible. However, we won’t hesitate to take your case to court if that’s the best way to get the job done.

From divorces to child custody matters to LGBTQ family law, we have considerable experience with many different practice areas. Let us put this experience to work on your behalf. Contact The Mandel Law Firm today to speak with one of the top Wall Street family law attorneys.

How the Mandel Law Firm Can Help

Our decades of experience representing clients in New York City have taught us to recognize when negotiation is the best path for a client and when it’s better to head to trial. If you hire The Mandel Law Firm, we’ll do everything in our power to help you resolve your divorce outside the courts, saving you time and money. But if we believe that you stand to benefit more from litigation, then you can count on us to provide the aggressive representation you deserve.

If your spouse is amenable to a cooperative approach, we will negotiate a settlement agreement that resolves issues such as property and debt division, spousal support, child support, child custody, and visitation rights to your satisfaction. We’re willing to compromise, but we will stand firm in protecting your assets, your parental rights, and your future. As Steven Mandel says, “Peace has its price, but it’s important to know what the price is.” When that price is too high, we won’t hesitate to fight.

If negotiations fall through, or you and your spouse cannot agree on specific issues, we may advise litigation. We will construct a solid legal strategy around your specific needs and objectives and then effectuate that strategy in court. Not only do we know the law, but we also know how to make the law work for you.

Whether your case goes to court or not, our focus is on obtaining practical solutions to the issues and disputes you are facing. You can count on our family lawyers to be honest and realistic with you about your goals and our chances of achieving them. At the same time, we will do our utmost to help you obtain what you need for the happy and fulfilling future you deserve.

Family Legal Matters the Mandel Law Firm Handles

The Mandel Law Firm has helped many families in the Wall Street area with numerous legal matters, including:

  • Divorce– We can help you get a fast no-fault divorce in as little as one month. If your divorce is contested, our skilled trial attorneys will do what’s necessary to preserve your parenting and property rights and safeguard your long-term financial and emotional well-being. We have also helped families navigate the complexities of high net worth divorce, same-sex divorce, and annulments.
  • Child custody– If you have children, we will help you seek a favorable child custody arrangement that allows you to maintain a relationship with your kids. We are parents ourselves, so you can depend on us to always consider the best interests of your children when discussing custody, visitation, and other related legal issues.
  • Child support– New York mandates child support in all divorces involving children and establishes the dollar figure of child support payments by a formula. We can establish child support agreements and petition the court to modify or enforce their terms.
  • Spousal maintenance and asset division – The duration and amount of spousal maintenance are established by a formula in New York State. However, judges have some discretion about its terms. The same is true for the division of assets and debts, which is why it pays to have an experienced attorney in your corner.
  • Post-divorce disputes– If you and your ex-spouse have disputes over property division, spousal support, child custody, visitation, or other issues after your marriage is dissolved, our attorneys can help you find a solution. If needed, we can also help you enforce or modify certain aspects of your original divorce decree.
  • Gay and lesbian family law – We have long been committed to marriage equality and have been at the forefront of this burgeoning field. Our Wall Street-area family law attorneys can help you with many issues specific to the LGBTQ community, including non-biological parents’ rights, cohabitation agreements, second parent adoptions, and name and ID changes for transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming individuals.
  • Domestic violence – If you are the survivor of domestic violence, we can help you seek the temporary protection order you need now while we seek a longer-term solution for the future. We also help people who have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

Our Wall Street family law attorneys also work with you with a variety of other family law matters, including:

To find out what our past clients have said about us, visit our testimonials page. You can also review some of our case results and discover why The Mandel Law Firm is the top choice for New Yorkers dealing with delicate family law matters.

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