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With fatherhood come rights and obligations. When paternity of a child is established, the father has the right to see the child and become involved in the child’s life. Whether or not the father elects to become involved, the father still has an obligation to support the child, pursuant to New York State law.

When there is an issue of fatherhood, important questions must be answered in order to protect the rights and interests of all concerned. At The Mandel Law Firm, we help clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and in Nassau and Westchester counties establish or defend paternity claims, as well as resolve related matters such as child support obligations.

Read our list of blog posts regarding fatherhood to know more about fatherhood laws in New York State and case stories.

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Establishing paternity in New York

Unmarried persons with children sometimes need to establish the paternity of a child and New York law provides a vehicle for doing so. Paternity legally defines who a child’s father is. If a father’s name is not on the child’s birth certificate, a...

The paternal rights of New York fathers

New York fathers may be curious about what rights they have under the law. For unmarried parents, the first step is to establish paternity. If the mother is unmarried and there is no question regarding the father’s identity, one option is for both parents to...

Overview of determining paternity

A New York father or mother might try to establish biological paternity because of their interests in responsibilities or rights related to the child. This is especially relevant when the parents are not married as opposed to married parents, when the husband is...

Law firms for men a new proliferation

New York fathers who are going through a divorce may despair when it comes time for child custody battles, as courts have traditionally ruled in favor of the mother unless extenuating circumstances present themselves or if the mother is declared to be unfit for...

Father sues in illegal adoption case

New York residents may be interested to learn of a dispute playing out in the courts over a father’s rights. A Utah resident has filed a lawsuit in federal court against his ex-girlfriend, claiming that the woman unlawfully put his child up for adoption. The...

New dad fights for paternity leave equity

Fathers-to-be in New York City may be interested in a recent case concerning a new dad who is fighting for paternity equity. Josh Levs, who works for CNN as a journalist, claims that his company’s parental leave policy is discriminatory against new fathers, and...