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Order of Protection

Manhattan Orders of Protection Lawyer

Being accused of domestic abuse or violence, and subsequently having Orders of Protection placed against you can have devastating personal and professional consequences. It can affect your family life, as you may not be able to see your children for a period of time; it could affect your career; and it could affect your immigration status.The Mandel Law Firm represents clients throughout the New York City area who have been accused of domestic violence or abuse. If Orders of Protection has been placed against you, we can help you understand your options and enforce your rights. Contact an Order of Protection Lawyers in Manhattan today.

Defending Against an Order of Protection

During divorce or child custody proceedings, it is fairly common for one spouse to accuse the other of domestic abuse in an attempt to gain a perceived legal advantage. It is important to remember that just because one spouse is alleging domestic abuse does not mean that the other is guilty — or that the alleged abusive activity actually happened.

At The Mandel Law Firm, we vigorously defend individuals against restraining orders that are unwarranted. Although courts will usually err on the side of caution in these matters, our firm will do whatever we can to protect your rights. With hard work and preparation, we have successfully resolved many of these cases in our clients’ favor and have had these false allegations of domestic violence dismissed.

Seeking an Order of Protection to Keep Your Family Safe

If you are experiencing domestic abuse or assault at home, or if you feel as though you or your family is in danger, you should take immediate steps to ensure your safety. The Mandel Law Firm can help you seek an Order of Protection in Family Court against a current or former spouse, a family member, someone with whom you have a child, or any other individual you are in a relationship with. In criminal court, you can seek an Order of Protection against any individual.

An Order of Protection can prohibit specific abusive conduct. This could include assault, harassment or domestic abuse, ordering the offending individual to stay away from your home or workplace, and stopping contact by phone or e-mail.

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Whether you are seeking an Order of Protection to keep your family safe, or if an Order of Protection has been placed against you, talk to a Family Law lawyer about your legal options. Call locally at (646) 770-3868, or email us now.

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