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Skilled Chelsea Family Lawyers

The Mandel Law Firm represents clients in a range of family law-related matters, from divorce to adoption and from sexual abuse claims to issues specific to the LGBTQ community. For decades, we have fought on behalf of clients in Chelsea and throughout Manhattan, and our case results demonstrate our proven ability to obtain favorable outcomes on their behalves. When you hire one of our Chelsea family law lawyers, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you are being represented by one of the most successful and recognized family law firms in New York City.

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Why You Should Choose The Mandel Law Firm

At The Mandel Law Firm, we understand that disputes commonly arise during a divorce. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and experienced trial attorneys, which helps us select the best path forward to meet each client’s unique needs and concerns. This ability is one of our hallmarks; we know when to compromise and when it’s worth battling things out in court. Our founder Steven J. Mandel often says, “In preparing for trial, I prepare for war, but always hope for peace.”

We want to help you finalize your divorce or resolve your family legal matters swiftly and amicably through negotiation. If a cooperative approach is possible, our attorneys can help you create a fair separation agreement that addresses every component of your divorce, including property and debt division, child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. Even if you and your spouse are on good terms, minor disagreements can still arise during settlement negotiations. Having an attorney to protect your interests and help resolve conflicts can be incredibly beneficial to the outcome of your case.

If you and your spouse have significant disagreements over the terms of your divorce, we are prepared to represent you aggressively in court. We will guide you through every step of the divorce proceedings and work tirelessly to help you obtain a desirable outcome.

Our Chelsea divorce attorneys all have children, so we understand the importance of your relationship with your kids. That’s why we treat legal matters like child custody, visitation rights, and child support with the sensitivity and care you and your kids deserve. You can trust us to prioritize the best interests of your children at all times.

You can also be confident that Steven J. Mandel and his team have the talent and skills to prevent you from walking away from your marriage with an unfair deal and that you have what you need to begin your new life once your divorce is finalized. Steven J. Mandel is one of the most well-known and decorated family lawyers in New York City. He has been selected as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the United States” and a “Super Lawyer.” He received the “AV Preeminent” rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the “highest possible in both legal ability and ethical standards.”

If you are looking for a Chelsea family law attorney who doesn’t just plan to win but knows how to effectuate that plan, you should reach out to The Mandel Law Firm today.

Family Legal Matters We Can Help With

The Chelsea family law lawyers at The Mandel Law Firm can help you with issues like:

  • Divorce – We can finalize a lightning fast no-fault divorce in as little as a month. Alternatively, if your divorce is contested and must be litigated in court, we will develop a robust legal strategy to achieve your objectives while fiercely defending your rights. You are much likelier to dissolve your marriage on favorable terms by working with one of our attorneys. If your marriage involves significant assets, our Chelsea high net worth divorce lawyers can demand that your marital property be fairly allocated. And as long-time advocates for same-sex marriage, we are well-suited to handle the specific issues that come with LGBTQ divorce.
  • Child custody– All of our attorneys are parents. We know how important it is for you to maintain a close relationship with your children after divorce. Whether through negotiation or litigation, we will safeguard your custodial rights and advocate for a custody arrangement that allows you to spend adequate time with your kids.
  • Child support– It’s not uncommon for couples to run into conflict when discussing child support. Child support is not designed to punish the person who pays it. Instead, the goal of child support is to provide the child with the financial resources they need. We will keep your child’s interests at the forefront during child support negotiations and fight for a fair arrangement on your behalf.
  • Spousal maintenance– Money is always a contentious aspect of a divorce, particularly as it concerns alimony. While a formula guides the duration and amount of such payments, our Chelsea divorce lawyers can work with the judge to secure favorable terms on your behalf. We can also help with modifying or enforcing a maintenance agreement.
  • Post-divorce conflict– Sometimes, former spouses encounter disputes over support orders, custody arrangements, visitation, property division, marital agreements, and other issues after a divorce has been finalized. Our attorneys can continue to offer you legal support as we help you address and negotiate a solution to these issues, in court if necessary. If your personal or financial circumstances substantially change, we can also help you petition the court for a modification of custody, child support, or spousal support orders.

In addition to the above matters, we also regularly help clients with other family legal issues, including:

Our Chelsea family law attorneys have the experience, skill, and tenacity to handle even the most complex matters efficiently and expeditiously.

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If you are seeking a divorce or facing a family legal issue, reach out to The Mandel Law Firm today. You can contact our Chelsea family lawyers online or by calling us at 646-770-3868.

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