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We established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. Our intent is to highlight local stories, as well as national subject matter that we think you will find interesting. We will regularly update this blog and encourage you to share your thoughts on these posts.

An experienced attorney can help draft prenuptial agreements

  •   February 5, 2018
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Prenuptial Agreements

02/05/2018 An experienced attorney can help draft prenuptial agreements Prenuptial agreements have become an important standard part of many marriage contracts across the country, including some in New York. These accords not only can protect couples who have...

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Caught in a “Web” of Lies

  •   January 21, 2018
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Child Custody

Despite what one might think, a child custody case is not an open forum for one party to take the floor and use that time to explain to the judge what a terrible person the other side is. Instead of highlighting his or her own strengths as a parent, the party instead...

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Grounds for divorce in New York State

Grounds for divorce in New York State

  •   May 29, 2015
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Divorce

In New York State, and everywhere else in the United States, there are many different reasons for a couple to want a divorce. Abandonment is one of them. One spouse may divorce the other spouse if...
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New York Assembly passes bill to help domestic violence victims

  •   May 7, 2015
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Domestic Violence

Domestic violence, in its various forms, is a concern that plagues people across the United States, including many in New York City and in the rest of New York State. Although federal and state laws have a number of provisions to prevent incidents of domestic...

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