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We established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. Our intent is to highlight local stories, as well as national subject matter that we think you will find interesting. We will regularly update this blog and encourage you to share your thoughts on these posts.

Congrats to our own Steve Mandel

  •   March 28, 2018
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   firm news

Congrats to our own Steve Mandel, who was honored yesterday to be recognized as a: • “Top 100 Lawyer in the United States” by the American Society of Legal Advocates • “Top Attorney of the Year”, New York Times Magazine Section • New York Law Journal...

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Legal consequences of Facebook posts by deadbeat parents

  •   March 26, 2018
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Child Support

Legal Action of FB Posts by Deadbeat Parents Avoiding Child Support New York officials may want to follow the lead of Milwaukee County, Wis., in tapping into social media for child support enforcement information. When parents who fail to make appropriate child...

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How are child support amounts determined in New York?

  •   March 12, 2018
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Divorce

03/12/2018 How Are Child Support Amounts Determined In New York? As most New York residents would agree, divorce is made more difficult when children are involved. While spouses are eager to move on to a new life, the children still want their parents to stay together...

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Factoring debt into a prenup

  •   March 5, 2018
  •    The Mandel Law Firm
  •   Prenuptial Agreements

Some subjects make for hot topics of discussion before a wedding takes place: the guest list, food to be served, ceremonial music, style of clothing and how to deal with that odd uncle in your mom’s family. Sometimes the discussions also include whether or not the...

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