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Divorcing Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

Divorcing Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

For those in the throes of a divorce, a months-long quarantine might be nothing short of a nightmare during the coronavirus pandemic. People are normally stressed out, panicked and emotionally traumatized during a divorce. This global pandemic has added a heavy layer of additional stress.

But it’s not just that spouses or soon-to-be ex-spouses are stuck together for the foreseeable future. The courts have been effectively closed, aside from essential functions or emergency issues such as domestic violence – which unfortunately is on the rise. That means that embittered couples won’t find resolution in court right now. This might mean parties who are forced to quarantine together can, quite literally, hunker down and resolve their cases. It can be a challenge but it is certainly an appealing option rather than wasting what little money is left on attorney fees. Just make sure each party remains courteous and allows the other party to be heard.

Remember, no matter where you fall on the divorce spectrum, everyone’s finances have been tremendously affected by this coronavirus pandemic, which creates stress and fear. Be kind, creative and realistic when discussing settlement options with your spouse.

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