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Halle Berry To Pay Child Support To Ex-boyfriend

Halle Berry to pay child support to ex-boyfriend

New York couples who have children and who are separating may want to keep some points in mind as they negotiate child custody and support after taking a look at the case of Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend. Berry and her ex have a 6-year-old child, and on May 30, a judge approved an order for her to pay $16,000 per month in child support. Berry is married now, and she and her husband also have an 8-month-old son. Berry will also have to pay $115,000 as a retroactive payment and $300,000 in legal costs. In 2012, she was prevented by a judge from moving her child to France when the father objected.

Child custody and disagreements over child support payments can be contentious whether the sums of money involved are large or small. Parents may disagree about how much money is an appropriate or affordable amount. Like Berry, they may seek custody of a child so that they can move out of the area, and the other parent may disagree.

For these and other reasons, parents may need to go to court in order to settle such issues. Whether they are able to come to an agreement beforehand with the assistance of their respective attorneys or in front of a judge, parents should try to keep the child’s best interests in mind. They should also remember that they may end up having to pay court costs as Halle Berry did.

Women may also end up paying child support just as men more traditionally have done depending on the circumstances of custody and the situation of the parents. An attorney may be able to assist a client in negotiating an agreement.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Halle Berry reaches settlement on child support“, June 09, 2014

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