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How Does School Shut Down Effect Parenting Agreements In General?

How does school shut down effect parenting agreements in general?

Parenting Agreements in general are meant to encompass a whole host of circumstances, typical and not so typical situations. The problem in this instance is that there is nothing ”typical” or even ”not so typical” about the situation a lot of co-parents are finding themselves in now.  The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has left many baffled on how to manage certain situations.

School is closed now till April 20th, but as the Mayor and Governor said, it may be closed till the end of the year. The government is predicting that the situation in our country may last till July or August, if that is the case, not only is school shut down an issue, camp may not happen as well.

There is no easy answer, nor is there precedence for the extreme situation that a lot of families are finding themselves in.  Now is the time to avoid conflict and try to be as reasonable as possible. If the current parenting agreement is working for now, keep it in place. If there are tweaks that need to be made and certain working components need to be taken care of, be flexible. Additionally, plan now for the possibility that there will not be day camp or sleep away camp and start working on a plan or agreement that will help you navigate the summer. Most important to remember is all this is temporary and this too shall pass.

Parenting Agreements in New York

For help in understanding how to handle a particular situation in regards to your parenting agreement and how the coronavirus (COVID-19) will impact it, give our offices a call at 646-770-3868.  Our experienced attorneys at The Mandel Law Firm are on standby to assist in any way we can. We understand just how tough it can be to handle certain situations during troubled times.

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