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Love Your House And Hate Your Spouse? Build A Wall

Love Your House and Hate Your Spouse? Build a Wall


Love Your House and Hate Your Spouse? Build A Wall

After 21 years of marriage, an Orthodox Jewish couple in Brooklyn has had it with each other. She banished him from the bedroom two years ago, forcing him to sleep in the dining room. She says he spitefully blows out her Shabbos candles. He says she hides his heart medication.

But they have five children and a 3,000-square-foot house that neither wants to leave. So what’s this divorcing couple to do?

Kings County Supreme Judge Eric Prus came up with an answer: build a wall, and split the house in half.

The couple has two weeks to decide where to put this wall, which will serve as a physical barrier until their divorce proceedings conclude. The wife will get about 700 more square feet than the husband since the children are supposed to live with her. And if they can’t agree on where to put the wall, the court will decide for them.

The husband’s brother, Rabbi Mendel Gold, has coined this “The Divorce Wall,” noting that “it could probably even help healthy couples.”

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