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Marriage Over For Movie Stars Griffith And Banderas

Marriage over for movie stars Griffith and Banderas

Melanie Griffith has filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas after 18 years of marriage. They said that this represents an amicable parting with respect for each other and their family. Despite a desire to remain cordial, the couple, like couples in New York who are facing divorce, needs to make decisions about a proper division of assets.

The pair, who met while filming ‘Too Much” in 1995, have been rumored to be divorcing for some time. Griffith, who is 56, cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce documents. She has asked for alimony from fellow actor Banderas, 53, and full physical custody of their daughter with shared legal custody. Their daughter turns 18 in September.

Both Banderas and Griffith have been married before. Once the divorce is finalized it will be her fourth and his second. She was previously married to Steven Bauer and two times to Don Johnson with whom she has a daughter who is 24. Banderas was married when the two met and divorced his wife soon afterward. According to reports, Griffith will be responsible for her legal fees. The couple, who share real estate in Spain and the U.S., are expected to divide the properties between them.

Divorce is a time of moving forward after dealing with a host of decisions concerning property division and child custody. Child custody issues for this couple are short-lived since their daughter will be 18 soon. It is unknown whether the couple had prenuptial agreements, but they own multiple real estate properties in and out of the U.S., and laws concerning property division may vary from one country to another. An attorney with experience in high-asset divorce may assist a client in such a situation in making decisions on how to distribute their marital assets in the fairest way possible.

Source: Daily News, “Melanie Griffith files for divorce from Antonio Banderas after 18 years of marriage“, Rachel Maresca, June 06, 2014

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