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New York Assembly Passes Bill To Help Domestic Violence Victims

New York Assembly passes bill to help domestic violence victims

Domestic violence, in its various forms, is a concern that plagues people across the United States, including many in New York City and in the rest of New York State. Although federal and state laws have a number of provisions to prevent such incidents, it seems that much more needs to be done before the problem is eliminated. A recent development in New York may offer relief to the victims.

According to news reports, legislators in the New York State Assembly took protective measures on behalf of domestic violence victims by passing a bill that prohibits employers and landlords from discriminating against people because they are victims. In addition to this measure, the Assembly also approved the proposal of an initiative where domestic violence victims can obtain a protective order electronically. This initiative would be launched as a pilot program.

Other bills discussed on the same day included provisions in which hospitals would need to have a set procedure for treating the victims and wireless phone service providers would have to release the victims from family or shared plans without any penalties. The discrimination bill is now moving to the New York Senate, which is considering various bills that are also focusing on providing relief to the victims.

People in New York City and the rest of the state may have experienced or may have been falsely accused of committing violence. For those people, efforts to curb domestic violence would be welcome. However, resolving violence or other domestic problems may not always be as simple as calling 911. Therefore, it may be a wise decision to consult an experienced attorney who can help victims and those who may have been falsely accused to protect their rights, even under difficult circumstances.

Source: The Washington Times, “NY Assembly OKs bills to help domestic violence victims,” April 28, 2015

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