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NY State Expands Support Requirements For Parents Of Disabled Adult Children

NY State Expands Support Requirements for Parents of Disabled Adult Children

Being the parent of a disabled child can be incredibly rewarding. But there is no doubt that it can be challenging. Caring for a child with disabilities may require long-term financial and emotional support as well as long-term occupational treatment and home health care aid. Thus, supporting a disabled child can be expensive and may cause many parents financial strain.

Many parents with sole or primary physical custody of their disabled child greatly benefit from receiving court-ordered financial support from the other parent. Until very recently, child support for children with disabilities automatically ceased once the child turned 18 or 21 years old. A new NY state law has changed that and provided parents of disabled adult children with an option to continue receiving financial support.

What the New NY Law States About Child Support for Disabled Adult Children

New York’s new law allows parents with primary physical custody of their disabled children to continue receiving child support even after their adult child has turned 21 years old. The new maximum age limit for receiving child support for your adult disabled child is 26 years old. This law now provides parents with a way to seek significant relief and financial support from the non-custodial parent.

New York state, as have many states across the country in recent years, addresses the needs of many parents who have had to support disabled children well into their children’s adult years. An 18-year-old or 21-year-old cutoff for child support may work for many children, but for a disabled child, that cutoff may not be appropriate. It’s unlikely that an adult disabled child can be better supported by a single parent just because the child has turned 22 years old.

Seeking Child Support in New York

In order to request an extension of child support for your adult child with disabilities, you’ll have to request it just as you did for child support initially. You would benefit from hiring an experienced child support attorney to help you with this. It’s important that you get the financial support you need without delay. Requesting an extension of child support will require you to submit documentation to show that you have a serious need for continued child support. You may need to provide medical reports, school documentation, testing results, and the like to support your request for extended child support.

You will have to file a request for an extension of your child support before your adult disabled child turns 26, as that is the age at which the extended child support would end. The amount of child support you’ll receive will be determined based on the guidelines provided in NY law.

Contact The Mandel Law Firm in New York for Help with Your Child Support Case

The New York child support lawyers of The Mandel Law Firm are dedicated to helping you get the financial support that you need and that your disabled adult child deserves. We understand the intricate and complicated New York family law system, so we know what’s needed to help you reach as favorable an outcome as possible. Our goal is to help you resolve this issue in the best interests of your child. Our dedicated child support lawyers will handle your matter with the care it requires.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced child support lawyer, call The Mandel Law Firm today at 646-770-3868 or contact us online.

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