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The Stress Of Coronavirus Is Causing Breakups

The Stress of Coronavirus is Causing Breakups

Jill Martin, a Today Show contributor, recently reported that she and her fiancé, Erik Brooks, had broken off their engagement, in large part due to the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic. Jill explained that the coronavirus outbreak has ‘taken a toll on so many aspects of life’ which unfortunately includes her engagement and is causing breakups everywhere.

The pandemic causing breakups is all too common news for celebrity and non-celebrity couples alike. Any previous cracks in the façade are magnified under the stress of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic is making everyone think about relationships, because one small thing someone does impacts someone else. It’s such a powerful example of how interconnected we all are. Every domestic decision is amplified from the small – whether to grocery shop – to the larger decision of which family members should isolate together. Added to that is the utter helplessness of having no idea when this situation will end or when it shifts into yet another new normal we will be forced to navigate.

Attorneys are seeing a lot of bad behavior for which there may be no real ramifications simply because the courts are closed and by the time they reopen, the backlog will be tremendous. However, some couples are experiencing minor ripples – arguing over grocery choices. Some stay-at-home parents are now receiving the much-deserved accolades from their now working-from-home spouses, who are finally witnessing first hand how much domestic work their stay-at-home spouses do. Couples with children are naturally going to experience more stress during this time. Under current conditions, you’re safe at home, which is great, but you are also at home all day with each other and your children. No one gets a true break.

A piece of nonsensical advice for all couples, with or without children – deep breaths work and more importantly, try not to have a bad day at the same time!

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