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When Should Spouses Pull Money From Joint Accounts?

When should spouses pull money from joint accounts?


When Should Spouses Pull Money From Joint Accounts?

Spouses who are the non-monied party, who are thinking about divorcing their spouse, might be worried about how they are going to finance their divorces and still maintain their living expenses as well. This is especially true for women who have no income of their own. Sometimes women do not even know how much their assets with their husbands are really worth. They might know that they are well off but still not know the approximate valuation of their assets.

Women who don’t how much cash is accessible, how much is invested and what types of accounts they and their husbands own are the ones who are most vulnerable to tricks that abusive or controlling husbands might attempt to play to keep them from their entitlements. When couples are negotiating the division of assets, they might want to ensure that they have a divorce attorney who can help them feel certain that they are receiving their proper share of all assets, even ones they didn’t necessarily know they had.

When and how much money spouses should withdraw from joint accounts could be influenced by their spouse’s personalities, though. It could also be a matter of timing as well. No doubt they will want to prepare for their divorces financially by setting aside some money for themselves but emptying joint accounts or even removing half the funds in them could set off a warning flag to their spouses that they are planning for divorce. Then a grapple for assets could begin.

Generally, divorce experts advise for people to withdraw the funds that they think they will need to carry them through their divorces, but not to take more than half of the funds. Divorce lawyers might be able to help people discern when and how much funds they should withdraw from any joint accounts that they hold with their spouses in planning for a divorce.

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