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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

What should you consider before creating a prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly more popular with the younger generations in the United States, including people in New York. As the younger generation works hard to establish themselves in the industry, they also do not want their investment to slip out of their hands in the event of a divorce. Many couples discuss prenuptial agreements in order to formalize the understanding of how marital property will be split if they divorce.

Helping to draft prenups for all types of couples

When drafted properly, a specific type of agreement can serve the interests of two people who are about to marry. Writing a prenuptial agreement, however, can be tricky. Unless someone is in the legal field, coming up with a prenup that will stand up in divorce proceedings is usually hard to do.

What circumstances void a prenuptial agreement?

Even a few years ago, requesting a prenuptial agreement was considered an insult to a fiancée. New York City couples shied away from talking about entering into a prenuptial agreement before marriage due to the hard feelings that its topic evoked. However, times have changed and now a prenuptial agreement is becoming common among high net worth spouses, including celebrities.

An experienced attorney can help draft prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements have become an important standard part of many marriage contracts across the country, including some in New York. These accords not only can protect couples who have considerable assets at stake but also offer some measure of protection to couples of more modest means. Even though raising the idea of a prenuptial agreement while dating may be unsettling, it is a discussion worth having because it can protect both parties' assets in case the marriage fails.

Prenuptial agreements can provide peace of mind before marriage

Couples who are about to marry may not want to think about it, but given that the divorce rate over the last few decades has hovered around 50 percent, a marriage could end within just a few years. For this reason, couples may want to consider finding some peace of mind in a prenuptial agreement before marriage rather than enter divorce later with the disposition of properties and assets uncertain.

Factoring debt into a prenup

Some subjects make for hot topics of discussion before a wedding takes place: the guest list, food to be served, ceremonial music, style of clothing and how to deal with that odd uncle in your mom’s family. Sometimes the discussions also include whether or not the couple to be wed should create with a New York City family law attorney a prenuptial agreement.

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