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In 2003, I decided to move from Canada to New York City to attend school and to be with my future husband. From the moment that I have arrived in the US, Steven and his associates have helped me out tremendously in different areas. When I first came to the United States back in 2003, I contacted Steven to handle our pre-nup. I immediately became very fond of Steven. With his outgoing personality, caring manner and that smile that never leaves his face, how could you not. Since then, Steven has helped with various other legal matters, including my immigration status. The former immigration lawyer that I was dealing with was not attending to my case as needed at all. Steven got me in touch with the immigration lawyer at his firm and since then I definitely have seen a huge improvement in service and process in my case. Steven always makes me feel like he is not only my lawyer but my friend. I can always count on him for advice, protection, friendship, trust, loyalty and a good laugh. I would highly recommend Steven for any services. He makes you feel like part of his family, not like just another client.

Many thanks for your time yesterday. You have a gift in putting people at ease with these sorts of challenges ahead. I really would love to work with you, and will be in touch this summer/fall.

I have known Steve for approximately 15 years, and in the time that I’ve known him he’s proven to be an excellent lawyer as well as an admirable person. While I was going through a divorce, I went to Steven for help. He provided swift, efficient assistance, and it was as stress-free and hassle-free as possible. He was also able to give me a great deal of helpful legal advice. As I stated before, Steven is an excellent lawyer. His professionalism is remarkable. He goes way beyond the call of duty while maintaining respect for all his clients. I am grateful as well as thankful for having the opportunity to work and know Steven as first my lawyer and then as my friend.

I feel so grateful to you for how everything went. Thank you for looking out for us so well. I owe you my life, my well-being, my happiness, and above all, the joy and tranquility of being able to enjoy precious moments with my child that would not have been possible without your help. I knew you would be a champion defender of our rights and wellbeing from the first moment I met you. Not only were you the first attorney I met, but I knew in my heart that I had to look no further after our first meeting.

Your reputation for character and integrity is exceeded only by the results you obtain.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the professional help with the divorce proceedings. While my now-ex-husband continues to ignore his financial obligations, I feel much more secure knowing that I have sole legal custody of my daughter. Nothing is as important to me as her safety, and so I sincerely thank you for your part in assuring that. Please accept my heartfelt expression of appreciation.

On behalf of the NY City Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, I am very pleased to announce that you have been chosen to receive a volunteer recognition award for your exceptional commitment to our work. Your volunteer work at the Chapter’s Legal Day since 1991 has been invaluable to our members. Beyond that very generous donation, you have also been exceptionally kind in offering your professional services to our members.

I can’t thank you enough for your work thus far on my case. After reading over the affidavit that you prepared, you are dead on with all issues. I find myself very uncomfortable in this whole process. But I know with certainty that I’m in good hands with you and your knowledge.

Steve Mandel is more than a lawyer and more than a personal counselor. He is utterly dedicated to his clients and to getting the best possible outcome for them. He combines knowledge of the law with savvy, persistence, and sincere concern for his clients. I consider Steve a friend and I can’t recommend him highly enough. His support, both legal and personal, during my divorce was outstanding.

Steven went above and beyond for me. Most people complain when they are fought by a reluctant spouse, but they haven’t seen anything until they’ve encountered a passive one. Steven’s patience, compassion and dedication helped me legally and mentally get through my divorce. I cannot thank him enough for my freedom. I mean every word- Thanks Steve.

When I first met you, I thought you were a good lawyer and a good friend. Now I realize you’re a great lawyer and a great friend.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me. I met you during a very difficult time in my life, full of troubles and heartache. Finding an attorney can be a very challenging task. I would like to say that having you as my attorney was the answer to my prayers. You are a wonderful attorney, but an even better friend. I want to thank you for your advice, thoughtfulness, compassion, and expertise. Going through a divorce is one of the biggest trials one is faced with, and I want to thank you for making this a smooth process for me. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I will be forever grateful to you and all your staff for the kindness you have shown to me.

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