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Changing Laws For Same-sex Couples In New York

Changing laws for same-sex couples in New York

Family law situations can be very complicated for same-sex couples, though recent changes to the law are making things easier. When the Defense of Marriage Act, also known as DOMA, was declared to be unconstitutional, the federal government showed that it supported the rights of same-sex couples.

However, this did not mean that state laws all had to instantly fall into line with the federal outlook, so there have still been many legal battles and court cases about rights in individual states. More and more states are passing laws saying that same-sex marriage is legal, though, and one state that has done so is New York.

Not only does this impact the ability of a same-sex couple to get married, but it could also have a huge impact on things like:

  • Child custody cases involving children born to those couples.
  • Custody cases involving children who have been adopted.
  • The right of a same-sex couple to seek a divorce if they so choose.
  • The rights that a same-sex couple has with regard to things like health insurance, government benefits, benefits from employers, and the like.

Since these changes are so new, it is incredibly important for all couples to know what rights they now have and how the changes could play a role in their lives. It is also crucial to know what happens to rights that may be enjoyed in New York if the couple moves to another state.

Do you want to know more about how this works? If so, we think that you’ll find our page on family law to be very helpful.

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