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Charlie Sheen Loses Custody Of His Twin Boys

Charlie Sheen Loses Custody of His Twin Boys

The Charlie Sheen soap opera continues to unfold. Last night, as the troubled actor was putting his two-year-old twin boys to bed, police showed up to remove child custody for his twins.

“Wild Thing’s” soon-to-be ex-wife, Brook Mueller, convinced a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to issue a temporary restraining order against her 45-year-old husband; Sheen reportedly received no notice, and cannot go within 100 yards of Mueller. According to reports, Sheen cooperated with authorities, handed over his sons, and vowed to bring the boys “back to the home they deserve to be raised in.

Mueller alleges that Sheen has had their sons since February 26th after taking them from her home on February 26th without her consent. In yesterday’s court filing, she claimed that Sheen threatened her life when she tried to get the boys back, saying, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom.”

Charlie Sheen currently lives in his LA mansion with his two “goddesses” (as he refers to his two younger live-in girlfriends), and denied all allegations.

This saga is far from over…stay tuned.

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