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Creative Conflict Resolution Can Simplify A New York Divorce

Creative conflict resolution can simplify a New York divorce

Divorce definitely marks a crossroads in a New Yorker’s life. It not only marks the end of a long-cherished relationship, but it also means that there are many things to handle, such as alimony payments and child support. At such a critical juncture, the person will definitely need the support of people who not only empathize with the person but who also help the person to make decisions with great confidence. That will help that person to begin the next phase of life.

The attorneys at the Mandel Law firm understand that every circumstance is unique. The attorneys strive to understand the goal of each client and then provide detailed, sound advice for conflict resolution. That will help the person who is divorcing to navigate through the divorce process with a greater sense of empowerment. The attorneys, who have decades of experience, are skilled at handling various types of divorces, such as no-fault or uncontested divorces.

The attorneys at the Mandel Law Firm also have experience in handling high net worth divorces, in which child support or child custody issues are involved. The attorneys are also experienced with annulment issues and post and prenuptial agreements. They can also deal with dividing marital assets, changing spousal support and all other important matters related to the divorce.

As many New York couples might agree, there may be post-divorce disputes, such as a need for child custody modifications. Same-sex partners may also face divorce issues that our experienced attorneys can help to resolve. The attorneys work diligently after a thorough appraisal to assess the legal and emotional impact of the divorce on the person to help come up with an amicable conflict resolution option.

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