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Denise Richards Gains Temporary Custody Of Twins

Denise Richards Gains Temporary Custody of Twins

New York residents might be interested to hear that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen recently solved the issue of child custody concerning Sheen’s twins in court. Denise Richards, with ex-husband Charlie Sheen’s full support, gained temporary custody of the twins while their mother, Brooke Mueller, checked into the Betty Ford rehabilitation center.

The twins’ mother had reportedly asked the court to grant temporary custody to her brother rather than Richards. Sources say that she did so fearing that Sheen would cut off child support payments. The twins’ mother has reportedly been unable to hold a job for years due to her drug addiction.

It is also reported that courts will continue to monitor the twins’ situation and that Richards may still retain custody when their mother is released from rehab, at least until she gets settled in. Sheen offered to pay Richards additional child support to care for the twins while their mother received treatment. Richards refused his offer, stating that she was not caring for them for the money and that she had enough funds to care for the children without additional child support from Sheen.

When couples get a divorce, who will retain custody of the children as well as how much the other parent will pay in child support is one of the primary issues under debate. Experts advocate, of course, that the well-being of the children should be the primary concern in any divorce involving children. Family law lawyers may be able to assist couples getting a divorce with negotiations concerning child custodychild supportalimonydivision of property and other matters.

Source: Christian Post, “Denise Richards Refuses Extra Child Support From Charlie Sheen“, Sami K. Martin, May 13, 2013

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