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Divorce Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Divorce mistakes and how to avoid them

With emotions high and important issues at stake, New York spouses often may make mistakes during the divorce process. Huffington Post recently reported on the most common mistakes made during a contested divorce and how to avoid making them.

Making a decision without completely understanding the implications related to it is one common mistake that spouses commit. A person can avoid this mistake by reading and researching as much as possible. A spouse can also meet with skilled professionals, including attorneys, mediators, and divorce coaches. This strategy will help the person make informed decisions during the divorce process, as well as provide some clarity. Another common mistake is making decisions from an angry standpoint. This can cause serious and lasting repercussions. People can avoid this mistake by sticking to the facts of the case, concentrating on their legal rights, and determining the best decisions without resorting to anger. Important decisions must often be made during a divorce, such as how custody should be arranged and how finances should be divided. These decisions should be made from a neutral standpoint, rather than trying to get even with a spouse that did the other spouse wrong.

Another common mistake that people make is relinquishing control of the divorce. Lawyers should not make important decisions regarding their clients’ divorce without consulting with them first. Staying involved in the process can help people avoid this mistake. Finally, spouses should refrain from settling for less than they deserve. A fair decision should try to be reached that allows each spouse to live within their own means.

Another mistake that spouses sometimes make is thinking that they can handle the divorce themselves. New York family law attorneys are familiar with the laws of the state and provide assistance to individuals who are going through contested divorces.

Source: Huffington Post, “The 5 worst mistakes people make during divorce“, Michelle Rozen, July 24, 2013

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