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How Your Divorce Lawyer And Your Children’s Mental Health Go Hand In Hand

How Your Divorce Lawyer and Your Children’s Mental Health Go Hand in Hand

Divorce is stressful and challenging for spouses. However, it is often devastating for children. The unique struggles children face while their parents go through a divorce are difficult to navigate.

Hiring a suitable divorce attorney is essential to protect your rights while meeting your child’s needs. If your lawyer is too aggressive and only focuses on winning, your child can suffer emotional and mental consequences that last into adulthood.

You should seek representation from a compassionate and experienced lawyer who understands the importance of protecting your child during this traumatic experience. An attorney with a significant background in psychology, such as Judge Jane Pearl, can do more than handle your divorce. She could work to safeguard your children’s mental health throughout the process. 

How Kids Cope with Divorce

Some children handle a divorce without many issues. Others don’t know how to cope. A lawyer’s approach to legal proceedings can derail the parents’ attempts at helping their kids navigate the significant life change.

The child’s age often contributes to the psychological effects of divorce. However, any kid of any age can experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Too often, young kids mimic others’ actions, reactions, and emotions. If they witness someone’s attorney speaking ill of the other parent, they might adopt those feelings.

Common problems children encounter while dealing with divorce include:

  • Feelings of shame or guilt – Kids commonly believe they are to blame for the divorce. They think they could have prevented their parents’ marital problems if they had behaved better. Younger children in vital developmental stages react to divorce with extreme guilt. They mistakenly believe their actions significantly impact the world around them.
  • Behavioral or anger issues – Children might lash out at their parents in response to conflict and the stress of divorce. They can feel resentment or anger toward one or both parents. They might also blame their parents for turning their world upside down.
  • Sadness or anxiousness – A hallmark of divorce is sadness. Children, especially younger kids, don’t know how to handle their emotions. They feel sad about the changes and might experience anxiety about the unknown future. They might feel hopeless about one of their parents moving out and not knowing when they’ll see them again. Children must process the new living arrangement and visitation schedule when their parent’s marriage ends.
  • Behavior regression – Younger kids often display regressive actions, such as sucking their thumb even though they’ve kicked the habit, wetting the bed, or requiring a nightlight to sleep. Untreated emotional trauma can also inhibit developmental growth.
  • Trouble at school – Divorce can impact a child’s education, especially during high school. Teens often engage in risky behavior when encountering severe problems at home. They might be unable to focus on their school work while trying to manage their feelings about their parent’s relationship ending.

Get Help with Your Divorce from a Dedicated Divorce Attorney

Selecting a lawyer with a reputation for a ruthless approach to divorce proceedings can do more harm than good. Your child is particularly susceptible to the consequences of your failed marriage and how you navigate the next steps. They can experience significant mental and emotional issues while watching the cutthroat strategies implemented by your attorney to hurt your ex.

The Mandel Law Firm knows how to handle divorce in a way that can reduce conflict and minimize our clients’ stress. Judge Jane Pearl joined the firm to help families resolve legal disputes amicably. She focuses on guiding parents in child custody issues and uses her mental health background to help children of divorce survive the process in a healthy way.

If you’re going through a divorce and want a compassionate divorce attorney to support you and your child, call us at (646) 770-3868 for a confidential consultation in New York City.

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