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New York Attorneys Offer Protection Against Domestic Violence

New York attorneys offer protection against domestic violence

Violence between spouses or domestic partners has long been a crime throughout the country, including in New York. Although most people assume that the victims of acts of domestic violence are women, in fact, some men are also victims and deserve just as much protection. Under the law, neither sexual orientation nor gender matters when one partner is assaulted by another.

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in New York take allegations of domestic violence seriously. So does the Mandel Law Firm. Unfortunately, the legal system is not perfect and spouses and domestic partners are the victims of domestic violence every day. Sometimes the perpetrators are never prosecuted or otherwise punished for their actions. In these cases, victims need expert legal representation to take advantage of legal protections that are available, including orders of protection, commonly known as restraining orders.

Anyone accused of domestic violence, on the other hand, faces serious consequences even before any charges might be filed or trial held. The Mandel Law Firm’s attorneys are experienced in handling such charges and represent clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and other boroughs and counties who have faced allegations of domestic violence. Whether or not a domestic violence charge has merit, a defendant must be able to address it with competent legal counsel.

Anyone who has been targeted by a spouse or partner with harassment, stalking, or serious verbal threats should obtain a protection order as soon as possible. This order can provide some security and time for an attorney to work with the client and law enforcement authorities to find a workable situation that protects the client. A false allegation of domestic violence can also be considered abuse, and the accused needs support to fight against such charges. The Mandel Law Firm has handled cases for both accusers and accused to offer protection against domestic violence.

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