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Social Media Can Benefit Parents Following Divorce

Social media can benefit parents following divorce

In recent years, the world has been changing. Thanks to social media, people live much of their lives online. They post everything they do on sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What some New York residents may not know is how social media accounts may benefit them during a divorce.

As a starting point, social media can be used to find an attorney and to get information on how to handle a contested divorce. Some sites will allow a person to verify an attorney’s reputation prior to setting up a meeting.

Social media can also help parents who are separated from their children to see what is happening in their lives. These sites allow people to communicate across great differences, which can help parents and children stay in touch. This is especially important with parents who are deployed in the military. Some experts recommend that parents create a family site that allows everyone to be together online even when they are physically separated. Social media means that one parent doesn’t have to rely on the other to communicate information or send pictures of the children. The non-custodial parent can view the child’s pictures and achievements and comment on them. One parent need not wonder what the children are doing with the other, because the information is right there on the computer screen. Open communication on a person’s online pages can also reduce abusive statements or bring them to light.

When a person is preparing to divorce, a family law attorney may assist by negotiating child custody and support issues. An attorney may also go to court to help a parent fight for the children’s best interests.

Source: Huffington Post, “Can social media be your friend during a divorce?“, August 20, 2013

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